In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful


The stores of everything:

 In an authentic Divine Hadith, Allah, All Mighty, says,

“Of My slaves are true believers, who believe in Me, and disbelievers. Those who say, ‘Rain has been sent down to us by Allah’s Grace and Mercy,’ are true believers who believe in Me but disbelieve in planets (i.e. astrology). But those who say, ‘Rain has been sent down to us by virtue of such-and-such Sign (of the Zodiac),’ disbelieve in Me but believe in planets (i.e. astrology).”

[Narrated by Al-Bukhari (1038) and Muslim (71)]

  This Divine Hadith shows clearly that Allah’s withholding of rain is by no means due to disability on His part, as is the case with human beings. It is rather a kind of Divine teaching and admonition to mankind. In this context, the European Space Agency announced that the European Space Observatory, which works by infrared rays, has recently spotted in outer space a cloud of steam that could fill all of the seas and oceans of the earth with pure water sixty times a day.

An astronomer says:

 One of the astronomers added that the Observatory has spotted clouds of steam in more than one place in the universe. But the cloud mentioned above, which it has spotted recently, is considered as an incredibly immense factory of steam. In this context, Allah, All Mighty, says,

“And there is not a thing but with Us are the stores thereof. And We send it not down except in a known measure.”

[XV; 2]

  As for Allah’s withholding of provision by way of teaching or admonition, Allah, All Mighty, says,

“And if Allah were to enlarge the provision for His slaves, they would surely rebel in the earth; but He sends down by measures as He wills.”

[XLII; 27]

 He, Most Gracious, says,

“If they had believed in Allah and gone the Right Way, We should have bestowed on them water (rain) in abundance that We may try them thereby. And whosoever turns away from the Reminder of his Lord, He will cause him to enter a severe torment.”

[LXXII; 16,17]

 He, Glory to Him, also says,

“And if only they had acted according to the Torah, and the Gospel, and what has now been sent down to them from their Lord, they would surely have gotten provision from above them and from underneath their feet.”

[V; 66]

  Undoubtedly, the ignorant and deviant seek to arouse among people fears of the lack or diminution of food, water, or oil. They fabricate wars and disputes among peoples and nations for the sake of water, grain, and, most recently, oil. Such ignorant deviant people do not know that Allah’s decreasing or withholding of any of the natural resources is meant for teaching and admonition. It is by no means disability on Allah’s part, for He, All Mighty, is Able to do all things.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations