In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful



 Dear brother, this is lesson No. 24 of the series "Creed and the Inimitability of the Quran". We are still taking about the constituents of the Divine Assignment to mankind, and we started with the first constituent "The universe" then the second one "The reasoning" then the third one "Al-Fitrah" and now we are tackling "Lust". We tackled so many topics relates to it till we reached the lust for money. Allah the Almighty says:


﴾Beautified for men is the love of things they covet; women, children, much of gold and silver (wealth), branded beautiful horses, cattle and well-tilled land.﴿

[Aal-'Imran, 14]

Muslims should excel in worldly life in order to represent Islam:

  In this lecture specifically, I want to connect this lust (for money) with the current situation of Muslims, and I always say, "Unless you excel in the worldly life, your religion will never be respected by sh3er". I am not trying to inauthor the competition over the worldly vanity, but rather I am asking how you can persuade the other with your religion. The Almighty Allah made this Ummah Wasat (just and the best) among other nations, yet the rates of illiteracy, backwardness, poverty, unemployment and celibacy are very high in the Ummah nowadays. Moreover, the Islamic countries import and do not export, their enmity among themselves is very great, while their peace is towards their enemies, so how can any Muslim persuade the world that we, Muslims, have the right Divine Method? I am not exaggerating when I tell you that as long as we stay like that, no one will be convinced about our great religion. Being an upright Muslim is not enough to solve Muslims' problems, but rather you should carry the Islamic mission to the letter. The Almighty Allah says:


﴾By Al-'Asr (the time)* Verily! Man is in loss,﴿


[Al-Asr, 1-2]

 The subject of Allah's Oath is:

﴾ Verily! Man is in loss,﴿

[Al-Asr, 2]

 This means that man is in loss because he/she is consumed by the passage of time:

﴾Except those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf)which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad, etc.).﴿

[Al-Asr, 3]

 This indicates that Da'wah (calling to Allah) is Fard Ayn (legal obligations that must be performed by each individual Muslim) within the knowledge one has and towards the people he knows. From my long experience and expertise, I can assure you that one, who shall be heard when he talks about Islam, is the one who is superior in his specialty, who looks after his health, who maintains his knowledge and who controls his behavior and his ownself. On the other hand, the one who is lazy in his job and who does not take good care of his health, of his own matters and of his home will never be able to convince anyone about Islam. Therefore, every Quranic truth (Divine Promise or Law) we have been honored with by Allah will not take place until we excel in our worldly life in order to be able to convince the sh3er about Islam. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

((The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer))

[Sahih Muslim]

 How many Muslim students go abroad to study? The one who invented the hotmail is an Indian Muslim student, and on his first year he received 10 million subscribers which urged Bill Gates (the owner of Microsoft) to buy it (hotmail) from him. He offered him 50 million Dollars, but the student asked for 500 million Dollars, and within two years they were able to close this deal by paying 400 million to that student, who took the money and spent 300 million Dollars on solving Muslims' problems in India, and he kept 100 million in his account. I am inviting every Muslim to excel.

 People eat, drink and sleep in this worldly life, so if you want to be like that then join the 6 billion people on earth and be useless. Why do you not excel? Da'wah requires superiority, self-control and being on top. Be the best whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or a merchant, given it is a very easy mission to accomplish, but it needs good planning.

 Dear brother, unfortunately, a survey showed that only 3 out of every 100 young Muslims know their goals and seek achieving them. What do you want to be after you graduate from the university? Think about it. Do you want to be a scientist? Do you want to be a doctor? Do you want to be a successful merchant? I will never forget a statement that I read 40 years ago, "Decisions people make inevitably dictate their destiny if the decision is taken on a solid ground of determination and belief". Moreover, ask Allah whatever you want sincerely and pay the price for it (which is striving), and you will get it:

﴾And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it, with the necessary effort due for it (i.e. do righteous deeds of Allah's Obedience)﴿

[Al-Isra', 19]

 You will reach your goal, it is a fact. Remember that your connection is with Allah, and everything is in His Hand. Furthermore, He says to you, "O My servant ask Me and I will give you, and all you have to do is to ask Me sincerely." It is nonsense to justify failure on the pretext of having hard conditions, earning low income or being under pressures, for Allah's Promises are beyond time, place or conditions.

﴾And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty).﴿

[At-Talaaq, 2]

  The connection between money and the current situation of Muslims:
  Today's topic is the connection between money and Muslims' current condition.


This is the unfortunate reality of Muslims:

  I visited an African country once, and my heart was broken because this country is the richest one (with treasures) in Africa and it is the largest diamond, uranium, gold and aluminum owning country. Not to mention, this country has the richest land for planting, and it has high rainfall rates, for the rainfall rate in one night might reach 400 millimeters, and this makes it the richest country in crops. However, it is the poorest country in Africa and this is due to the lack of knowledge and ignorance that are prevailed over there.



 Muslims own tremendous treasures and they are privileged with strategic geographic position in the world. Yet, they are poor, due to falling short in everything. A country (Denmark) offended our Prophet, peace be upon him, with the offending cartoons, and it republished the cartoons over again, do you know how many people it has? It has only 5 million people. Do you know how many people it feeds? It exports food to 50 million people around the world, so 50 million people are eating its food products.

 One company in Japan has 40.000 workers and its profits are equal to gross national income (GNI) of the biggest Arab country. The products of this company cover everything and the profits are as many as the ones produced by the populations, the industrialists, the merchants and the outcome of the common properties and treasures of the biggest Arab country.

1- Money is the backbone of life:

 Dear brother, money is the backbone of life, it is power and it solves problems. Westerners keep saying that "overpopulation is a burden", but is this true? Japan has the biggest density of population in the world, and the same goes for Taiwan, South Korea and India, yet Japan is the richest country in the world. The main point is using the labor force rightly. Labor force is either a trump card or a losing hand, so if the country educates it and gives it opportunities, it will become a trump card. Human resources are now considered the highest economic resources in the world. Japan is poor in raw materials, but it is the richest country due to the labor force it has.


 Dear brother, I know that there are difficult conditions like economic oppression, economic blockade and ban on exporting, and in such conditions making a living and solving Muslims' problems become an act of worship (to every rich Muslim). There are so many brilliant students in such countries, and all they need is someone to look after them, so that they can get the highest marks.

2- Offering good deeds using money can be done in so many ways:

 I attended a festival of Al-Quran recitation and memorization last year, and I was told that every Hafiz (the one who memorizes Quran by heart) was given a sum of money that was near one million Liras or may be more, so I said to myself, "What would this Hafiz do with money? I wished that the Hafiz could have been given a scholarship to acquire a PHD? The Ummah (Islamic nation) will become stronger when she has scientists, doctors in her hospitals and professors in her universities, so in these difficult situations I hope that money will be our means to draw closer to Allah.


 An industrialist might have 8000 workers (in his factory), and this means that he is feeding 8000 families, so if we suppose that every family consists of 5 people (the wife, the husband and three children) then this industrialist is feeding 40.000 people, is this not considered great profits? I do not want to hear words such as, "I have difficult conditions", because with Du'a (supplication) everything will become easier. I repeat again: "Decisions people make inevitably dictate their destiny if the decision is taken on a solid ground of determination and belief".

 I know an IT professional who said to me, "By Allah, we get incredible revenues, and I sell my software programs to the western countries. Also, I have a big labor force, and I am able to pay every employee up to 100.000 a month." If such a person preaches about Islam, he will be listened to, because he has excelled in his job, he has created job opportunities with high incomes and he sells his programs to big countries.

 India in the last two or three years alone was able to earn 83 billion Dollars from selling software programs, and we are talking about software programs, not oil, steel or copper. Hence, when you worship Allah Alone, and when you say, "Allah has created me for Paradise, and the price of Paradise is to offer a good deed". Thus, you should find something to do which might be your means to draw close to Allah and supplicate Him by saying, "O Lord, arrange for me a good deed that pleases you". By Allah, a doctor I know swore to me that he is treating 18.000 patients for free for the rest of their life, and each one of them has his own treatment card. This doctor has a mission in life (besides his medicine), so he offers good deeds to Muslims through his career. Some Board certified doctors established an organization through which they educate local doctors who could not have the chance to travel and specialize, and they offer them their expertise (for free), so that medicine level in our country will become better.

 Frankly, one might say to me, "I offer my prayers", but the difference between you and the one who does not offer his prayers should be crystal clear in your principles, goals, ideas or behavior, otherwise you will not be considered a true believer. In concise, unless you hold the burden of Muslims' hardship on your shoulders, you will not get closer to Allah: The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

((The one who sleeps with a full stomach knowing that his neighbor is hungry does not believe in me.))

[At-Tabarani and Al-Bazzar, by Anas Ibn Malik]

 Money is power, "Great is the wealth that helps me protect my honour and get closer to my Lord." Unfortunately, the rich Muslim spends his money on his pleasures, and he brags about his car, house, luxury life and travels in order to break the heart of poor Muslims, whereas the true believer earns money to spend it in the Cause of Allah.

 As if this lecture is about the connection between money and the Hereafter. Money is power; it solves problems, and it is the backbone of life. You can earn money lawfully and spend it lawfully too. The rich man can build a university. I visited once a university where thousands of students study for free, and their transportation is guaranteed. On top of that all, students get monthly paychecks. Thousands of female and male students graduated from that university, and after their graduation they were employed, and the female students were helped get married and employed in paid "female environment" jobs. We, Muslims, have tremendous eye catching expertise, and rich Muslims can use their money in projects, such as educational projects,, service projects, building an orphanage and health care projects. Thus, the rich Muslim can reach the highest ranks in Paradise with his money.

((Envy is permitted only in two cases: A man whom Allah gives wealth, and he disposes of it rightfully, and a man to whom Allah gives knowledge which he applies and teaches it.))

[Al-Bukhari, by Abi Hurairah]

 Dear brother, I want to inspire your enthusiasm, and I want to make a hero out of every one of you, which is an easy task. You should know that the thing you are unable to do is the very thing that you do not want to do, but the minute you determine to do it, you will be able to. By Allah, I believe beyond doubt that even if one of you comes from a poor background and does not own a thing in life, he is able to own a billion if he is honest, and if he intends to solve Muslims' problems with that money. I know countless stories about people who earned hefty money and spent them in the Cause of Allah, in goodness and in solving Muslims' problems after they took on their shoulders the burden of Ummah's hardship.

3- Money is the battle-field of the war between good and evil:

  The situation is that there are two parties: the believers and the disbelievers, and this division is because of Allah's Wisdom. Allah decreed that those two parties live together on earth as binary opposition: believer and disbeliever, evil and good, opportunistic and used, oppressor and oppressed or producer and consumer, and the result of having both parties together on earth is an everlasting battle between the truth and falsehood. This is our destiny.


 I always say that the prevailing falsehood is not a success, for falsehood is ancient since the Prophetic era, but success lies in not letting falsehood stay alone in the battle-field. Some deeds of true believers melt your heart and inauthor you to become like them. Spending moderately can solve Muslims' problems, and rich people can establish an orphanage, an institute or a hospital. Also, they can help 100 young men to get married, and they can build them homes to live in or health centers to serve them. These deeds are possible when you determine to earn money to solve Muslims' problems, and only then Allah the Almighty will provide you with abundant provision and livelihood.

Do not make your concern secular:

  I hope that your concerns will go beyond getting married and dwelling in a house. Let me tell you the following fact: after one of you gets married and owns his house, he will achieve his tangible goals and he is done, and since he has no other concerns, he will be trapped in misery and tastelessness. It is like thinking deeply after a king offers you to give you whatever you wish and then you ask him for a pencil that is worth only 20 cents. The Almighty Allah has created you to deserve Paradise that is as wide as the heavens and the earth, so is it logical to ask Him help you get married and dwell in a house only?

﴾Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? ﴿

[At-Taubah, 38]

 Are you pleased with what you have?

﴾But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter.﴿

[At-Taubah, 38]


 You should have a sublime ambition. A brother we know was very poor, so he asked for a loan of 20.000 Liras from his brother in faith. He bought a three-wheeled motorcycle, and he started selling plastic bags in the suburb, and the following year he was able to pay his debt and to pay Zakat as well.

 Some successful merchants and industrials started from scratches. Think of serving people, and if you have money try to solve people's problems by starting a non-profit health or social project and try to establish a business, a Da'wah project, a Masjid or an institute. Do not say, "I own nothing", because great men in history, started with nothing. If you read stories about the outstanding people, you will be amazed, because all of them started with nothing, but they had a heart of gold and noble intentions. There are thousands stories about people who owned nothing, they were deprived of many things in their life and they were not religiously committed. However, they became beacons in the Ummah later on.

 I met once a person who said to me, "My main job was a porter in the veggie market and now I own fleet of trucks to transport fruits from one country to another". This man has become the biggest fruit merchant in a big country, and he said to me, "I have never missed Fard (the obligation prayers) in my life, and I have never been involved in an unlawful matter". This man offered great deeds, built Masajid in Africa and established lots of institutes. Do not ever settle for less and do not be pleased by being one of the common people who aim to have a house and get married. Lest, you will be no more than a figure among the 6 billion people on earth who have come to this world and will leave it unnoticed. Be someone who people will look up to, not because of your arrogance, but because of your good deeds.

The sorts of the acts of worship:

  Dear brother, this is a sentimental lengthened topic so to speak. I used to say: Ibadah (act of worship) is a voluntary obedience, mixed with heartedly love, based on certainty and leads to everlasting happiness.


1- Who you are defines the act of worship you should do:

  Worshiping Allah can be performed in so many fields, starting with who you are. If you are powerful, then your first act of worship would be enforcing the truth, if you are rich, then your first act of worship would be spending money on the needy, if you are a knowledgeable person, then your first act of worship would be teaching sh3er and if you are a woman then your first act of worship would be looking after your husband and children. Hence, these acts of worship are called the ones that are based on "who you are".



2- Your position defines the act of worship you should do:

  There is another kind of the acts of worship, and it is based on the current conditions. Muslims nowadays are burdened with hardship. Therefore, the most exalted act of worship is to solve their problems, such as creating job opportunities for Muslims or offering them scholarships. Allah, Glorified and Sublime be He, has made the number of geniuses and brilliant people and the one of the poor-minded ones the same in all nations. Thus, every nation has as many intelligent and poor-minded people as other nations including the most advanced nation. Muslims have been able to surprise the world and to accomplish breakthroughs in computer world and in industry, given Muslims as individuals are very strong. However, Muslims as a nation are still weak.



3- The era you are in defines the act of worship you should do:

  The third kind of acts of worship is related to the era. The other party (the disbelievers) aims at impoverishing us through a planned policy, and they despoiled the treasures of other nations. Because of three wars, they have been able to get about thousand billions of Dollars paid to them by our countries for weapons. This is but a policy to impoverish us. In my view, whenever the other party conspires against us to impoverish us, our first act of worship should lie on the shoulders of the nation not on individuals, and our reaction to such a conspiracy should be manifested in reforming lands, developing agriculture, industry and production and solving the problems of the Ummah. You might see a dam on water next to 5000 acre land which is suitable for planting.



 The war nowadays is between two minds in the struggle for existence, and accordingly, the lazy idle person who burns day light, postpones everything and does not perfect his job will not find a place in this life. The competition nowadays is outstanding. Man in olden days might be able to survive the powerful person by staying away from him and living alone, but this was 50 years ago. At present, you cannot do so, because the one with the upper hand is with you step by step whether you like it or not, and you are interacting with the powerful party through social and satellite media since the entire world can be found on the desktop of your computer. Thus, every event in the world will reach you in minutes, and you will interact with it, and it will affect your life. Better yet, an official announcement nowadays is enough to affect the prices all over the world because the world has become one society, and whatever disturbance happens somewhere in the world will affect the other parts of it.

The youth are the future:

  I am addressing the youth: you are the future of this Ummah, and my heart becomes cheerful when I see that most of the attendants of my lectures are the youth. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

((The breeze of Paradise is in the youth.))

[Mentioned in the relic]

 Young people are our future, and despite the fact that our Ummah suffered a setback, remember that every tide has its ebb, any horse may stumble, any sage may err and any sword may fail to hit. The horse of the Ummah stumbled and our youth are our hope to bring back this Ummah's glorious past. Unfortunately, because of the repeated accusations against us, we believed that we are backward, and that we do not have what it takes to move forward. The cultural war is very serious, and because of which we are accused of many things, and due to our poor awareness we believe those accusations. We are a great Ummah, dear brother, because the Almighty Allah has described us in an everlasting reauthord Quran till the Day of Judgment as follows:

﴾You [true believers in Islamic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his Sunnah (legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah. ﴿

[Aal-'Imran, 110]

 There was a war in an Asian country, and during it a very big land was planted with mines, so England (the powerful party of that war) recruited Muslim soldiers from a weak Islamic country and sent them to that land. Do you know how many soldiers were killed? 4000 Muslim soldiers were killed by mines, and the land became free of mines. Upon that event, the British commander said, "We cleaned this land from mines without losing any British soldier". He sent them to that land without telling them what was awaiting them, and the mines exploded and killed 4000. Indeed the British army are monsters.

 I heard a very strange piece of news two days ago, and I could hardly believe it. The Australian Prime Minister or may be the President of the Parliament offered his apology to the indigenous peoples by saying, "We killed your youth, we made you homeless and we impoverished you".

 It is the first time that I hear an apology from a western country to the indigenous peoples. The contemporary generations were deprived of their msh3er' compassion as they had been taken away from their parents and sent to very far lands. As you know man without religion turns into a fierce monster (this is what happened to this generation). After all, they confessed their crimes, they offered their apology and they even wrote that apology on the sky "We are sorry". You, as a Muslim, should be strong.

Malaysia is an outstanding example of the advanced Islamic country:

  I had been once to an Islamic country in Asia (Malaysia) with an official delegation, and we were welcomed by our ambassador over there. He said to us, "Though Malaysia is a small country, the income of its exports is more than the income of the exports of the entire Arab world including oil." I asked him, "How many million people it contains?" He said, "It contains 23 million people. Those people used to live in the woods 23 years ago, and they had no history, but now their exports to Europe are more than the exports of the entire Arab world including oil."


 Usually when you visit a western country, you feel that they are very advanced and you will be dazzled by their civilization, buildings and roads, and when you visit an Islamic country you feel like you belong to it, although you can notice how backward it is. In Malaysia, I had a very strange feeling; I felt as if I were in a European country, but this country is an Islamic one. It is full of Masajid, and the women wear Hijab. An official figure from a powerful country tried once to interfere in their affairs to which the female Malaysian minister responded, "Put your shoes in your mouth and mind your own business." 60 % of their exports go to a powerful country, and they do not have treasures except for the palm oil. Moreover, all their exports are computer related commodities and cars. It is a giant respectful Islamic country in the East, and one will be shocked by the Malaysian economic experience.
  I meant in this lecture to connect money with deeds done for the Hereafter. Your rank in the Sight of Allah is based on your good deeds. We should copy the developing experience of other Islamic countries. In Malaysia the rates of divorce increased once, so they established two schools for every couple who are about to get married. The couple must join this school and succeed in the course in order to get married. They have to join a 6 month course about the rights of the husband and wife and the Islamic ethics of marriage. This procedure reduced the divorce rates from 80 % to 10 % only because of the spreading awareness. Remember, there is a solution for every problem, so think of solving your problems and aim at achieving meaningful goals.

 In our country and in a village on the borders, an educational instructor paid the village school a visit, and he started asking the students the traditional Question: What do you want to be when you are older? The students answered as usual that they want to be officers, teachers, pilots or doctors, but one of the students answered: "I want to be a smuggler".

 Dear brother, life is very complicated, and the entire earth has become a desktop, so we cannot be isolated from the outer world, and the powerful people have the ability to interfere in all our affairs. How can we stop them? We can do that by our strength, coherence and awareness. Also, we can stop them by pinning our hopes on the youth after we put our trust in Allah, Glorified and Sublime be He, and always remember:

((The breeze of Paradise is in the youth.))

The enthusiasm and zeal of the youth are the strength and the guarantee:

  When Usamah's army left for Syria, given Usamah was only 17 years old and was the commander of the army that had men like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, may Allah be pleased with them, as soldiers in it, Abu Bakr (the Khaliphah) walked for some distance along with the army to see it depart. Usamah was riding on horseback, and he requested Abu Bakr that he should be permitted to dismount or the Khaliphah should also ride on a horse. Abu Bakr said, "No, neither shall you dismount nor shall I mount a horse, for according to a tradition of the Noble Prophet, peace be upon him, he whose foot becomes dusty in the way of Allah will be preserved from hell fire". Our Master Usamah was the commander of the army despite his early age:


((The breeze of Paradise is in the youth.))

 I entered a Masjid once in an Islamic country, and may Allah bless the attendants of that Masjid, but they were all over 80 years old. In other words, the odometer of the old car has been rolled back again, and the tread of its tires is worn down. In our country (Syria) most of the attendants in the Masjids are young men, so you (young people) are the future, and you will bring goodness if Allah wills. I visited once a village called "Izra'" and during my visit a man whispered in my ears saying that this is the home town of Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyah. I was surprised saying, "Really? Is this his village?" Ibn Al-Qayyim wrote 400 books, and he is considered the top Islamic scholar. Had anyone thought that the little kid who was a student in the elementary school of this village would be one of the greatest men in Islamic history? The greatest men in the Islamic Ummah were but little kids, so let us not relinquish our ambition. I would like to remind you that our topic today is about the connection between money and the goals of Ummah.

The scientific topic: the amniotic membrane of the fetus:

1- The fetus is surrounded by three membranes:

  Let us move to the scientific topic in this lecture. It is about the three membranes which surround the fetus in its mother's womb (The inner membrane, the amnion, contains the amniotic fluid and the fetus. The outer membrane, the chorion, contains the amnion and is part of the placenta. Its wall is the amnion, the inner of the two fetal membranes. It encloses the amniotic cavity and the embryo. The amniotic cavity contains the amniotic fluid. On the outer side, the amniotic sac is connected to the yolk sac, to the allantois and, through the umbilical cord, to the placenta), and they are mentioned in the Quran where Allah says:

﴾in three veils of darkness﴿

[Az-Zumar, 6]

2- The amniotic liquid:

 The first membrane is the amniotic membrane which is completely closed without any opening, and it is full of the amniotic fluid. There is one liter and a half of this fluid without which there would have been no lecture today, there would have been no human being in Damascus or in Syria, because without this fluid there would have be no newborns.


The function of the amniotic liquid:


1- Nourishing the fetus:

  This fluid has many functions, the first of which is feeding the fetus, for it contains albumin, carbohydrates and non-organic salts which provide the fetus with what it needs.


2- Protecting the fetus from shocks:

  The second function of the fluid is the most important one, for this fluid plays the role of shock-absorber to protect the fetus, and it works exactly like the fluid between the brain and the skull. The scientists use fluid between the astronauts' chamber and the out shell of the spaceship (imitating by this the Divine Wonder). If the pregnant woman is punched on her belly with a punching force of 4 kilograms, the fluid will absorb this punch and distribute it all over the body surface of the fetus, and this will turn the 4 kilograms of pressure per square centimeter to only 0.015 grams of pressure per square centimeter. As a result, this kind of pressure will not hurt the fetus. This mechanism was copied by NASA, as I said earlier, in building spaceships, and the same mechanism exists to protect the brain by having this fluid between the brain and the skull, so the hit on the head will be distributed all over the skull because of that fluid, and the pressure will not be more than 0.001 grams per square centimeter.



3- Letting the baby move easily in the mother's womb:

  The third function of this fluid is that it facilitates the movement of the fetus. In fact it works like the oil that is used in engines to make it work smoothly, and without this oil the engine will break down. Likewise, the fluid is essential to the movement of the fetus in the mother's womb. We sometimes apply a drop of oil on the door's rusty hinge to make it easy to open, and the amniotic fluid works as such, for it gives the fetus the freedom of movement in the mother's womb.



4- Keeping the walls of the amniotic sac from sticking to the baby:

  This fluid also prevents the walls of the amniotic sac from sticking to the fetus in the mother's womb as the fetus is developing, and its cells are dividing to to extend forming a limb or other parts of the fetus, so this fluid prevents the body of the fetus from sticking to the walls of the amniotic sac. It is worth mentioning that the intestine of the fetus is full of greasy black substance, and this substance works as lubricant which prevents the walls of the intestine from sticking to each other, because if the intestine walls stick to each other the newborn will die, so this substance prevents that sticking exactly like the amniotic fluid which protects the fetus from sticking to the walls of the amniotic sac.



5- Working as a heating and cooling aid:

  The amniotic fluid also works as a central heating and its temperature is fixed at 37 degrees to keep the fetus warm. This is one of the functions of this amniotic fluid.



6- Helping the fetus to get out of the womb smoothly during the delivery:

  Before delivery, the amniotic sac (also known as the bag of waters) will rupture from the bottom and the amniotic fluid works as a lubricant to make it easy for the fetus to go through a narrow path, so it helps in delivery.



7- Working as antiseptic to the path of delivery:

  This fluid works as a disinfectant during the pregnancy and the delivery.




  Let us repeat the functions of the amniotic fluid: it disinfects (the womb in pregnancy and the path during delivery), sterilizes, makes the delivery easier, keeps the fetus warm, allows it to move freely, prevents it from sticking to the wall of the amniotic sac and it feeds the fetus. These are eight functions.


﴾This is the creation of Allah. So show Me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created.﴿

[Luqman, 11]

 Dear brother, by Allah the only God, when we are face to face with some scientific facts of man's creation, we will get goosebumps all over because of the Greatness of Allah, Glorified and Sublime be He. All the scientific topics urge you to ponder over Allah's Greatness, and these scientific facts are the shortest paths to Allah and the widest gates through which we can get closer to Him.

﴾ Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding* Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, ﴿

[Aal-'Imran, 190-191]

﴾ And also in your ownselves. Will you not then see? ﴿

[Adh-Dhariyat, 21]


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations