In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

First sermon:

 Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, . O Allah, take us away from the darkness of ignorance and illusion to the lights of knowledge and insight. And from the mires of hankers to the heavens of deeds.آية and شرعIslam and put its curriculum, and made its pillars scarcely to whoever combated it, made it a security to whoever clung to it, and a peace to every Muslim, and a proof to whoever quote it in his talks, and a witness to whoever fight in the cause of Islam, a light to whoever seeks a light in it, an understanding to whoever uses his mind, a reason to its ponders, a sign to a hoper, an illustration to who ever have a determination, and an example to who ever an exhortation, a salvation to who ever believed, a certainty to whoever to whoever put his trust in, a relief to whoever delegate, and a heaven Paradise to the patients.
 I certify that there's no God but Allah , every mighty other than Him is submissive, and every powerful other than Him is weak, every owner other than Him is a slave.
 I certify that Mohammed's Allah slave and apostle, he carried out the uprightness, and announced the mission, advised the nation and obliterated the darkness.
 O Allah do reveal peace and blessings upon our prophet Mohammed , and upon his neat, pure folks and companions, guides and were well-guided, trustee's of his mission , leaders of his brigades, guidance stars and lights of well-guidance.
 O Allah's worshippers, I advise you as well as I, to stick to piety, and I urge you to obey Him, and I start with good words.


 When a nation land is ransacked, as well as his wealth, and his sanctities are violated, his sanctities are profaned, his dignity is tread on, his well is subjugated, his belief is corrupted, his values are being emptied, and his history is faked, and was forced to corruption and degeneration, and all kinds of tortures; imposing ignorance, starvation, agony, are carried out against him by his enemies, they are Allah's enemies as well ,; the enemies of right , good and life, the people of this nation must move then ; to get back his right of a respectable free life.
 And by no means such a movement could be described as terrorism !!
 We're facing heartless enemies , every humanity value, or international standards had died in their conscious. They stepped over human rights, they even describe the true owner of the land , the fugitive, the refugee to be a terrorist, has no right , and describe the a cling person to his religion to be jurisprudent, on the other hand they fabricated the truth and made the thief, who is dominant over sanctities; a respectable house owner, they own the land not by means of legal restoring, but by means of group extermination and psychological subjugating. Allah's said:

" Until when the earth is clad in its adornments and is beautified, and its people think that they have all the powers of disposal over it, Our command reaches it by night or by day, and We make it like a clean-mown harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday! Thus do We explain the Aya't( proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, laws, etc.) in details for the people who reflect."

[ Yunus: 24]

 When human degraded, he turns from worshipping Allah to worshipping his desires, he is related to sh3er on the basics of power not mercy, violent not comprehension, and he devotes himself to looking after body instead of looking after soul, he minds his interests instead of concept, thus; the community turns into a jungle; in which every one believes he has the right to tear sh3er, simultaneously ; he can be a prey or a victim for any other person! This is the jungle community or the new world regime or the brutal of globalization.
 We highly respect those who defeat challenges within their souls, and those who own the virtue of awaiting , and sacrificing the immediate for the sake of postponed, and opt for when they're in disparate need to what they opt for…
 The consequences of oppression can't be put under control, and its reaction can't be assessed , as the reaction of subjugated and oppressed people has the effect of bombs splinters; it moves every where and hit without aiming.
 The range and the direction of subjugated and oppressed people reaction is beyond control, it rashes beyond the limits of law or possible, it penetrates the revealed religions, and the international laws, it shows great doubt and disbelief in these laws; which didn't ensure their protection, thus they won't accept it to protect their enemies; thus the first and the real remedy is to pull out oppression wick ; charges souls with detest , abhorrence, and cause blindness to both minds and visions, which prevents deep consideration of matters and its consequences, or to consider its legitimacy or results.

As their- the Western- logic is :

 Killing a person in a town is un forgettable crime; whereas killing a Muslim nation is a matter needs consideration.
 Among arming to our enemy is to get acquire to his ideas, visions, and sooner and later goals , in this context: the former prime minister of our enemies told a journalist in 1982 : he won't be better than those who killed half a million Japanese using 2 atomic bombs; said : maybe the world will hate me , and will be frightened from me instead of making complaints, maybe he'll fear my mad targets instead of admiring my spirit, let the world tremble from me and deal with my country as if it was the country of mad people, and let the world say about us: we are brutal, and we form the death danger for all our neighbors, and we're all insane and we can explode a horrible crisis if one of our children was killed and explode all the oil well in the middle east for that reason."!
 This declaration was made in 1982.
 Our enemy leaders has pullet out the humanity from the Palestinians , they permitted killing them, they denied their living right; after this, which kind of peace could be established with such a renegade country, which logic consists of power ,its equipment is terrorism , and its goal is exterminating the Palestinian nation, they even ignored his right to live respectfully in a land providing his food? The Arabs offered their best to prevent war from occurring on their lands. They gave up their houses, vineyards, gardens, and their ancestors cemeteries. They accepted to live on a part of their lands ,so that Israel can settled in an occupied land ; which was extorted by force and worldly collusion , after that Israel's response was rejecting peace. It occupied more and more lands, it was isolated in the complex of fear and reduction which still the basic of its culture, and set free its weapon to kill, cause injury and destroy, it's stolen the hope of peace with the Palestinians, it deprived the peaceful suggestions its credibility, and dedicated this area for continuous war and violation, the peace turned into mirage, the violence became the only choice , but the world will never live peacefully unless the oppression wick is pulled out.
 No one dare to ask why extremism is rooting , whereas the moderation is retreating, and if any one asked so; let him watch the daily killing for Palestinians and listen to their mother's cries to get the final answer for his question.
 A representative declared to a news paper; among the three famous news papers in a backing country to our enemies: there are no values, nor moral, it's power and just power, and since 5000 years , only powerful imposes his desires, the stronger he uses his power, the more he gains profits, when we uprooted red Indians , and the British did the same for the native Australian people , we managed to be victorious. Whereas the whites in South Africa, because of their mercy; they didn't totally uprooted the black people so they turned over them and gained victory at last!
 Did you understood the ideas of our enemies and who support them?
 So , it's a war of extermination, and any nation announced peace to be its only choice … its dead end in extermination.
 Muslims communities are targeted, and its meant for these communities to indulge in desires, corruption, destruction ,and poverty, and to give up Islam, according to Allah's saying :

" indeed , they planned their plot, and their plot was with Allah , though their plot was not such as to remove the mountains ( real mountains or the Islamic Law) from their places."

 And it's very sufficient for us to walk in any street or market located in any Islamic country; to see the result of the cultural invasion and the desired destruction for the Islamic nation.
 This nation , whose enemies plan plots , which was not such as to remove the mountains, they plan for its poverty, astray , corruption, subjugation and extermination.
 The Palestinians woke up on the sound of a bloody massacre executed by the Israeli lethal machinery; in Beit-Hanon, resulted in tens of martyrs most from women and children ,identical reports and sources testified that 13 martyr belonged to one family.
 The Israeli war machinery has killed more than 5000 Palestinian in less than 6 years ? Arabs, as usual , condemned the crime committed in Beit-Hanon by Israeli war machinery, they also convicted and denounced. They charged Israel with responsibilities of such crimes, and assured the importance of holding an emergency meeting for the  Arab league, and declared that Israeli act is not accepted, and not justified. They also talked about the inhumanity of this crime, just a talking situations have no impact nor an effect, while the international community couldn't but stopped by the massacre; without any condemn to Israel; as it defend itself against women and children attacks, just some shy situations reject the absolute violence., declaration made the victim equivalent with his hangman, reminding of the importance of returning to peace process, lagging behind from holding the lawful and moral responsibility, carelessness of the crime's dimensions. Which call for disgust, and anger, and it justifies the Israeli terrorism reinforces the military reactions as the only way of avenging the killer , no matter the cost. They ask the criminal not to excess in using weapon , and call the victim to self control. This is the western logic…
 Decades passed and the calling is resound , without being answered but from echo : where are you Arabs? Where are you Muslims?
 Maybe a call for Mutasem*( O Mutasem) was loud from the orphan girls mouths, it just touched their hearing, not touched Mutasem's ardor .
 *An Arabic Muslim leader who answered a woman's call once and defeated enemies of Islam for her call.
 I'm addressing those of dark wrists, strong muscles, and extended medals; isn't it a shame, a scandal and a slaughter for masculinity that Palestinian women hurried up; with their tender bodies and barefoot , to challenge the enemy's machinery weapon , and rescued the trapped heroes from the mosque using new techniques; caused the enemy's failure to kill and captive more than 60 trapped man , some of these heroines women were martyrs , sh3er were injured, yet you are waiting to get a permission to demonstrate and maintain in a comfortable and fruitless way; it can only be classified as to be a release from blame or a protection of their prestige.
 O you worshipper of the Makkah & Madena; if only your eyes lay on us , you'd certainly know that you're not serious in your worshipping;
If a person's tears dye his cheeks; then our blood dyes our necks.

 Andalus, the first Arabs Palestine; was attacked by Europeans, and did the same as the Israelis are doing at present in Palestine, thus a poet wrote these verses calling Muslims for help:

O you great horses riders, as if you were racing,
Carrying luxurious Indian swords; just like fire in dark nights,
Sailing in the sea comfortably; having grace and estates in your home countries,
Have you heard of the people of Andalus, many people talked about their catastrophe,
Well; brave men there were crying for help while being killed and captured; yet no one would pay attention,
If only you saw their totally confusion, when they were wearing clothes of humiliation,
Many msh3er were compulsory separated from her child, just as a soul leaves a body,
And a child as bright as the shining sun, she's just like corals and Robby,
The European fighter forcing her badly; with crying eyes and confused heart,
For such things a heart -full of Islam & belief- weeps painfully.

 Our enemies are facing the Palestinians, who are recalcitrant to be contained or broken in, according to Allah's well; a nation identified its identity, determined its destination, and held out for his case; after those catastrophes ; thus martyrs blood is just like the fuel saved in next generation's arteries.
If history acquired Aws & Khazraj once ( Ansar- supporters of the holy prophet); then history must know that there're another version of Aws & Khazraj are according to Allah's well .
 A war criminal ; Zionist leader said once: as long as I fight ,then I do exist, a resistance leader answered him : and as long as I resist , I do exist; comparing Dicart's saying: as long as I think, then I do exist.
I'm addressing those indifferent people, who care not about their nation worries; this nation is facing disasters and difficulties, I address them where ever they are in both the Islamic & Arabic worlds, which ever position they have; whether in community bases or on its top ; those who don't suffer this nation's pain, neither were sad for its sad events, they just imagine that what happens around them is not their business, they are indulged in their receptions and parties held in sophisticated hotels, restaurants , farmers nonsense racing, and in watching degenerated programs broadcasted by some satellite channels; cost great amount of money and waste precious time; imported from a different world; where there's great contradiction between our values and concepts and theirs.
 I address to those astray people in a hope to be awakened from their unaware, and to get back to their minds:

Oh brother in Islam, tell me when do you get furious?
When our forbidden are broken,
When our monuments are demolished,
When our magnanimity is killed,
When our dignity is been stepped on,
When we're dead; yet you're not furious,
Then tell me when do you get furious?
If our sources were robbed?
If our institutions were distressed?
If our houses are destructed, as well as our roads,
And our Aqsa ( holy mosque) is kept being ravished;
yet you're not furious,
Then tell me when do you get furious?
If our mosques were destructed?
My enemy or yours is infringing our honor,
And playing in my blood
If , you don't get furious for Allah's sake, for holinesses , nor for Isalm,
Then , tell me when do you get furious?
You've seen there terribleness,
You've seen falls of bloods… old men escorted children to their final resting place,
You've seen various kinds and shapes of oppression, yet you didn't get furious….then , tell me when do you get furious?
Be honest to me , to which nation you belong..
You aren't for us, neither you do belong to us , nor to the human world ,
Aren't you grieved for the terribleness our nation faces ?
Aren't you ashamed of what we gain from the mud swamp, and from this circle of killing & terrorism?
Aren't you furious with this reality mixed with humiliation? And you simply got furious for less salt in the food??
Aren't you shocked by seeing a child's body full of holes?
Haven't you wept to see a child hiding behind his father's back,
Yet, they had no mercy for that child , neither for his calls, they simply didn't care , neither did they feel,
He fell down died,
When will monotheism prevails in your life style?
Will you always find excuses for a living dipped in humiliation?
When will you take a lesson of these events?
When do you get furious?

 O my brother in Islam, have you ever seen graves? Rather have you ever seen its darkness? its loneliness and isolation? Its roughness? Have you ever seen its narrowness? Its worms and insects? Haven't you learnt that we'll all end to a grave ? haven't you seen your relatives , friends and loved ones transferred from palaces to graves… and from shining beds to dark graves….from having fun with their folks to endure insects and worms…from enjoying food and drinks to rolling in dust and ground…from being surrounded by people to feeling the loneliness…they suddenly passed away, and lived in their graves after their lives in luxury and desire, and they're all equal after their death, I supplicate to Allah to make our graves a piece of Paradise .
It's been said in the Arabic Poetry:

I visited graves and asked : where is the superior found and where is the inferior?
Where's the humiliating and where's the powerful?
They all passed away, there's no one to tell neither there's any news about them!!
You who ask about died people, don't you learn a lesson of their end?
When death comes then no luxury happened before its come remains!!

 So, honorable brother, watch yourselves before being called to account, Weigh your deeds before it shall be weight against you. And be aware that Death Angel had passed us to sh3er , and will passed sh3er to us , so we should be aware. A wise man who condemn himself and work for the afterlife . The powerless follows his fancy and makes wishes for Allah. And Praise be to Allah.


Second sermon:

 Praise be to Allah , Lord of Alamin, I certify that there's no God but Allah Master of good ones, I certify that Mohammed is Allah's worshipper & Messenger the one of great morals, Blessings and peaces be of Allah upon him and his neat companions and folks.
 Abdel-Rahman Bin Abdullah – may Allah blesses him- said: I entered the Qa'abah, while Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-A's was sitting in its shadows; preaching people surrounding him, so I came and sit ; he was saying : we were traveling with the holy prophet –PBUH- , while we were resting, the prophet ordered a person to call us : gather for prayer; so we gathered by the prophet –PBUH-; who said:

" it was among the duties of every earlier prophet to show his nation the best of his instructions, and to warn them of the worst of the taught instruction, and your Islamic nation was meant to be in good condition in its first stages, and misfortunes and other disavowed matters will come over it in its last stages; also riot and disturbance one after the other, the believer says then : this one will wipe me out; then it comes to an end , then an other riot comes and the believer would say: this shall wipe me out , so whoever likes to be dragged away from the Hell fire , and be let in Paradise, let his death comes while he believes in Allah and the Resurrection Day, and to o as he would be done by"

 This is salvation : a belief in Allah and the Resurrection Day, and straightening up and good deeds.
 This was an explanation of what happened, which hurts and causes pain to our hearts.
 But , why it happened… according to a Quranic Monotheism , this what I will illustrate in the next preach- if Allah wells.
 O Allah make this country and all Islamic countries; secure and reassuring, generous and prosper, according to the holy Qura'n directions, stick to your prophet-PBUH-path.
 O Allah, your enemies, and our enemies are saying –just like Aa'd has said once: who is stronger than we? They neglected due to their arrogance that YOU are stronger than them. O Allah pour sever torture on them. Verily, YOU are ever Watchful over them.
 O Allah , we supplicate by children's tears and cries, and youth's submission and sacrifice, young women's heroism and martyrdom, msh3er' goodness and awareness, old men kneeling down and supplication. O Allah we ask you by the call for help; people are calling for, asking for protection; people are calling for, asking for shelter; people are asking for, glorifying, praising, hailing, magnifying, hoping that You won't give us up; although some of us is doing what obliges you giving us up; O Allah , Lord of Alamin; and don't let us to ourselves a very little period of time equals an eye wink, nor less, and make right our whole affair, you are the All-generous.
 O Allah you said in your Qura'n :
 And we indeed believe in you our Lord, yet we shorten worshipping you , so if we don't deserve you bestowing us victory according to your just, then bestow us victory by your mercy, if we don't deserve a merit victory, then make us victorious by your grace, we supplicate to you by your promise, and by our belief in You, to help us, and help our brother in Palestine, Iraq , Lebanon and Afghanistan, and to repel the slyness from them, sooner not later, however and by whichever means you like,.
 O Allah you said in your Qura'n :

"when you sought help of your lord and he answered you."

 We are asking You for help, O Allah help us, We are asking You for help, just as the holy prophet-PBUH- , his companions and the good ascendants had done
 We supplicate by the truth belief we have in you, and by our pure slavery to you, and by our desperate need to you, to answer our invocation; sooner not later, O lord of Alamin.
 O Allah you said in your Qura'n :
 O Allah, show us your torment and destruction to them and your ability in destroying them. O lord of Alamin
 O Allah you said in your Qura'n :

" (they were reprieved )until, when the Messengers gave up hope and thought that they were denied (by their people), then came to them Our Help."

 O Allah, we don't wish to reach the point of despair, and we don't despair , we supplicate to you by our measuring up for you , to grant us victory against our enemies, you're the All-generous, and to abstain the polytheists' might from us, because you're most Mighty and have the severe torture.
 O Allah, your Zionist enemies depend on some people, and your believer worshippers say: they depend on and resort to you and they have no one else but you, and all the earth inhabitants have given them up, so are you letting them down O lord of Alamin? Are you turning away from them you the All-Generous? Are you letting their enemies rejoicing at their misfortune you the helper of weak?
 O Allah, protect our country and all the Islamic countries from destruction and destroy, and save our people from being homeless.
 Imam Malek; of Medina said: if I ever have an accepted invocation I'll save it to our leaders, as their righteous is the whole nation's righteous, so we pray for our president, Mr. Bashar Al- Asad to be granted success to lead the ship among these severe and tough waves to the shore of peace and secure ,and to bring good by his hands, Praises be to Allah , Lord of Alamin
 Oh, Allah's worshippers….

"Verily , Allah enjoins Al –Adl ( i.e justice and worshipping not but Allah alone – Islamic Monotheism)and Al-Ihsan (i.e to be patient when performing your duties to Allah in a perfect manner), and giving help to kith & kin , and forbids Al-Fahsha' ( evil deeds) and Al-Munkar ( all that is prohibited by Islamic Law) and Al-Baghy (all kinds of oppression). He admonishes you , that you may take heed."

 Call for Prayer and stand to your prayer , may Allah bless you.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations