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Islamic Topics- Social Miraculous Topics :Pillars of Salvation (1) - Lawful and unlawful jobs
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

Dear brothers, I hope that each one of you considers his job as the most serious choice he has to make in this worldly life.

The job you choose in order to make a living should not affect others negatively, nor should it cause them harm, cast fear in their hearts, despoil their money or corrupt them.
You should never choose a job according to the income it gives, but rather you should choose a job that goes along with Allah's method. Take for example drug dealing, it is the highest paid job on earth, then arms trade comes in second place and chemical manure in third. However, people who work in these fields are considered criminals.
What is the benefit of getting religious knowledge? This knowledge helps you choose a job which pleases Allah.

Your job is something that will accompany you to the grave.

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