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Friday sermon (1135) : How did the exalted scientist “ Al Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” deal with general issues?-Does construction of the steel wall between Egypt and Gaza strip lawful?
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

First Sermon :

 Praise be to Allah we praise him, ask him to help, ask him for guidance; we seek refuge with him from the evils of ourselves and our bad deeds ; when Allah guides someone, he will never be lost ; and when Allah misleads someone , he will never find a guide.
 I bear witness that only God but Allah alone with no partner or associate , recognition of his godhood, forceful for those who deny and disbelieve by him ;I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH) is Messenger of Allah, the master of humans and creatures in every time an eye contacts with a look ; every time an ear hears a news item . O Allah, bless him and bless our master Muhammad, his family , and companions , “ Al-Albeit” those who are good and chaste , the trustees of Prophet Muhammad’s call , leaders of his banners. Oh Allah , Lord of the worlds, give us and them your satisfaction.

When one feels frustrated, he heads to the past to compensate for what has lost in the present :

 Dear Brother, I do not think that there is a disaster affecting the nation more than shaking the ideal, “Imam Abu Hanifa” , may Allah be pleased with him, saw a boy and a hole in front of him; Abu Hanifa said:” O young man beware to fall!” The boy said: Oh, Imam, but you beware to fall ,because if I fell , I fell alone ; if you fell all the world will fall.
Dear brother, when a man feels frustrated , when he loses the ideal, he heads to the past to compensate for what he has lost in present.
 This sermon is about an exalted scientist from the former ages, and how he dealt with general issues ; that is : “ Al Ezz Bin Abdulsalam”.
 This imam was very heroic ; You think that his attitudes were figment of imagination, but they are documented in the books , and transmitted frequency ; those who wrote them are exalted scientists
 Whom they lived and consorted with him in the same period.

The position of “ Al- Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” when a person cooperates with the enemy to ban his believers brother  of something :

 When “ Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” was living in Damascus , the governor there was a man named : “ King Saleh Ismail” one of
“ Ayoub” family. King “Saleh” appointed “ Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam”
 As an orator of Umayyad Mosque ; after this period King “ Saleh” allied with Muslims enemies , and handed them some forts like
“ Al- Shakeef citadel” , “Safad citadel” and some towns in order to help him fighting “ the King Saleh Ayoub” in Egypt . “ King Saleh Ismail” collaborated with the enemies of Muslims to be more stronger and triumph over Muslims ; he was a Muslim used non-Muslims to fight a Muslim!
 Do you see how the history is repeating itself , this means “the steel wall”.
“ Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” could not be patient of this supported attitude to Muslims enemies , so he went up the pulpit , spoke , denied in a direct way , stopped “Al-Duaa” , the  pray for the king, and he concluded the sermon by saying : “ O Allah , ratify a rationality for this nation , that raise your loyalists with , and dishonor the antagonists , ordered by the good deeds , and forbid the evil. Then he came down.
 When king “Saleh” knew that “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” meant him , he got very angry and ordered to prevent “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” from the oration , and imprisonment ; but after receiving the hoopla, and people simmered ; king “Saleh” discharged him ,and banned from the speech.
 “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” traveled from Damascus angrily to Jerusalem ; King “Saleh” went there by chance and met enemy leaders of Jerusalem ; then he sent a man from his inner circle and said to him: “ go to Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam and treat him gently , speak to him kindly, ask him to come and apologize , and return to what he was before.
 The man went to “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” and said: Nothing prevents you to return to the oration and your business and more , but to come and kiss the hand of the  Sultan….nothing else.
 “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” laughed and said : “O poor man! I do not agree that the king kisses my hand , so how do I agree to kiss his hand? O people, I have my way , and you have another way. Thank for Allah , who recovers me of what was a tribulation for you”;
the man said to him : “So we will imprison you” ; Al- Imam answered him:” Do what you want” ; they took him and imprisoned in a tent , and there he worshiped and read the Qur’an .
 “Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam” adopted this position of a man cooperated with his enemy to ban his believers brother of something.

Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam travels to Egypt after his release :

 Brother, the King Saleh Ismail was held a meeting with some leaders of Muslims enemies , their meeting was near the tent where Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam was reading the Qur’an , so they heard him ; King Saleh said: “Do you hear that person who are reading?” They replied : “Yes” . The king said proudly : “ This man is the best of Muslims scientists , but we imprisoned him because he objected to us in our alliance with you , abandoning of some forts and castles to you, and our agreement to fight Egyptians with you”.
 The kings of enemy said: “If we have a man like this scientist in his loyalty to the nation, and with such force, and such courage ; we would wash his feet, and drank the water that washed his feet” .
 The king felt with disappointment and humiliation ; it was the beginning of defeat and failure ; the Egyptians recruits won the king and those who were allied with him , Al Imam Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam were released and went to Egypt.
 Ezz Bin Abdulsalam went out to Egypt, and was welcomed very well by Najm al-Din Ayoub ,who was governing Egypt, he inducted Ezz Bin Abdulsalam a great positions and responsibilities in the State. It was expected that al-Imam would say: “ These positions I had inducted, so it is useful to keep them in order to preserve the interests of Muslims , and not to roil relations between the king and me” The king Ayoub was an honest and chaste man, but also he had a very enormous prestige that nobody dared to talk in his presence, or to intercede for one, not to speak to him only an answer to a question ; even some Princes in his presence say : “ By Allah, when we are in King Ayoub’s Council we always say: we will not come out this Council but to the prison, as he is a mighty solemn man, if put someone in jail he ignored him, and never be mentioned in his presence ; king Ayoub has grandeur and pomp, fear and panic in the hearts of people whether they are public or special”.
 So what was the attitude of al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam?

One who recollects the greatness and prestige of Allah ,Almighty, will not see anybody before him:

 On the day of Eid, the Sultan procession roamed the streets of Cairo, people were aligned on the sides of the road, the swords were kept, and the princes were kissing the ground where the Sultan was passing in his prestige and pageantry. In this moment al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam stood and said: “O Ayoub!” called him in his name devoid of any title. King Ayoub ,the mighty governor, turned to see who called him in his frank name, no introductions, no titles.
 Then Abdulsalam said to him: “ What is your reason in the presence of Allah ,Almighty, tomorrow when asking you : “ Did I bestow the king of Egypt , then you allowed with drinking alcohol?”.
 Sultan said: “ Is this happens in Egypt?” He said :” Yes, in such place there is a bar where alcohol is sold, as other evils, and you fluctuate in the grace of the kingdom”. The Sultan said: “ Sir, I didn’t do that, but it is from the era of my father”.
 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam shook his head and said: “ So you are from those who say: We have found our fathers bent on a particular system of faith and worship” .
 The Sultan said: “ No, Allah forbid” Then he had an order abolishing it immediately, and prevented the sale of liquor in Egypt.

 One of Abdulsalam’s students asked him: “ Sir, what did you do with the splendor and greatness of the Sultan?” .
 He said: “ I saw him in pomp and grandeur, so I feared that he becomes arrogant and hurts himself, I wanted him to know his worth” .
 Another one asked: “ How do you front the Sultan?” .
 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam said: “ O my son, I recollects the greatness and prestige of Allah ,Almighty, in front of me , so I did not see anyone” .

One of the most important aspects of the force of Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam, that he was greater than position and titles :

 This is another attitude of the most amazing attitudes of Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam, Allah have mercy on him, :
 Egypt was ruled by Mamluks in the era of al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam, so the real government was in their hands, the Vice-Sultan was Mamluk as well as princes of the army , and all the officials were Mamluks in origin ; some of them did not proof their freedom from slavery.
 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam was the chief of judges in Egypt , and whenever he had a label consists of sale, marriage, or something else belongs to those Mamluks who did not liberate yet, he abolished , and said: “ He is a slave even if he is a great prince , he must be sold, and editing, after that their purchase and sale will be corrected, but till now they are slaves” .
 Mamluks angered of this Imam , they came to him , and said: “ What are you doing with us?” The Imam said: We abolished your sale !”.
 They had got very angry, and told the Sultan about the matter.
 The Sultan said: “ This is not meant”, when Ezz Bin Abdulsalam heard this word , isolated himself from the judiciary.

 The most important aspect of the force of Ezz Bin Abdulsalam that he was greater than office, greater than employ, names, titles, so he had never longed for them or derived his strength from ; but drew strength from his faith in Allah , and stood beside the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and to tell the word of right ; then the nation gave him confidence.

If the person feared of Allah ,Almighty, everything would fear of him, and who did not fear of Allah, would fear from anything :

 Therefore Ezz Bin Abdulsalam became in their hearts and life, the crown of the era, and its diamond; he became the world’s greatest scientist and the Imam of the Muslims in his time , hence he isolated himself from the judiciary, as all the matters of Muslims are controlled by the judge which is not governed but only by virtue of Allah and His Messenger (PBUH).
 Al-Ezz had a similar act, that he collected his luggage, furniture, and bought two sumpters ; one for his luggage, his wife and son rode the second sumpter, he walked with this simple humble procession to travel out of Egypt, and return to his home in “Al-Sham” .
 But the whole nation went out behind al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam , as the historians mentioned that the scientists, righteous, worshipers, men, women, and children, even those who never had been drown attention to them , as the narration says, that the public went out behind al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam in a great majestic procession.
 Then some people went to the Sultan , and said to him: “ Who will you govern if the Imam has gone? And the whole nation followed him ? If those people went out your kingdom will disappear!”.
 The king Saleh Ayoub hurried to Al-Ezz , and ran to catch the procession, propitiated , said : “ Come back, you will get what you want” .
 Al-Ezz said: “ I’ll never comeback unless you concur with my request about the sale of Mamluks” .
 The king said : “ You will get it , do what you want” .

 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam came back, Mamluk began to appease him, they did not imagine how they are sold by auction , as they are princes! So the Vice-Sultan sent to the Imam, trying to coax him , but that was not useful; then some of them suggested to kill Ezz Bin Abdulsalam , the Vice-Sultan went to his house with a group of Mamluks princes and knocked on the door while swords were kept in order to kill al-Ezz .
 The son of the Imam ,his name was Abdullatif, opened the door and saw a fearful scene, then he returned to his father and said : “ O father save yourself , it’s death !!” .
 His father replied: “ What’s the matter ?” Abdullatif told his father what he had seen .
 Al-Ezz said to his son : “ O son, I swear by Allah that your father is ignoble and less than that killed for the sake of Allah, would I have this? I hope “; then he rushed out to meet the Vice-Sultan .
 When the Vice-Sultan saw the Imam his limbs frozen, and had a state of panic and terror, with a pale face, became disturbed and the sword fell from his hand ; quiet a little , then he cried and said:
“ What do you want to do?”
 Al-Ezz said: “ Proclaim, and sell you in the auction” .
 The Vice-Sultan said: “ Will you take the price?”.
 Al-Ezz said: “ Yes”.
 The Vice-Sultan said: “ How will you spend the money ?”
 Al-Ezz said: “ In the interests of Muslims”.
 The Vice-Sultan asked al-Ezz to pray for him, and cried in his presence, then he went.
 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam , have a mercy of Allah, Actually did …
 He collected Mamluks, and began to sell them in high prices, he did that because he wanted to remove pride from their souls.
 A group of scientists and historians were agreed that never happened like this incident in human history.

 If the person feared of Allah ,Almighty, everything would fear of him, and who did not fear of Allah, would fear from anything.

Obedience to Allah ,Almighty, and asceticism in this world is the basis for success :

 Another attitude, some of Ezz Bin Abdulsalam’s scholars came to him in a day and said : “ There is a place that the Prince Fakhr Al-Din , one of Mamluk princes, built a cabaret , place for singing, dancing, music, near a mosque ; when Abdulsalam was confident of the information, he gathered his sons and some of his scholars and went to the place , as he did what must do.

 Dear brother, this is a purely historical issue, I transported you to the history , as I transported you last time to Our Master Omar , as I transported you to Our Master Saladin al-Ayoubi the leader who conquest Jerusalem ; how did the orator ascend the pulpit, said the famous sermon which shakes the white sand .
 Anyway, all of those are ideals, so it was a great religion and his men were severe, always had the first word and the latter ; heroism could be in all the times ; our brother in Gaza are dying of hunger , yet an advisory opinion permits it, this thing is preposterous.

 Brother, the obedience to Allah ,Almighty, and the asceticism in this world are the origin ; when Imam al-Hassan al-Basri was asked: “ How did you get this degree ?”
He replied : “ By my needless for people, and their need for my knowledge” .
 So how about the opposite; if people sack the knowledge of the scientist, and the scientist needs their world, then his stature and prestige will fall down , and become a trumpet which is blown into as the blower wants.

 It is an overview of the attitudes of this exalted scientist.
 A matter was happened in Damascus; that the prices of orchards had declined dramatically, until they are sold at very cheap prices.
 The wife of Ezz Bin Abdulsalam collected her few golden ornaments and gave them to her husband , and said :
 “ By an orchard for us in order to summer at”.
 Al-Ezz took the golden ornaments and sold them , then he found some poor people , so he doled them; when he came back home, his wife asked him: “ Sir, did you buy an orchard for us ?”.
 He said: “ Yes, I bought an orchard for you , but in heaven , as I saw people in need” .
 She told him : “ May Allah rewarded you”; so was his wife.
 Nowadays, can you imagine that a wife gives her husband money in order to buy a house in summer resort , and then he paid by charity ,
will he sleep carefree that night?”.

People comply with the orders of Ezz Bin Abdulsalam , because of his prestige and defense of his religion:

 When the governor of Egypt wanted to fight Tatars , he found that the funds in his treasury are not sufficient; he considered to take money from people, so he gathered scientists and said :
 “ What is your opinion about taking money from people to aid us in readying of the army and the arms , and pay soldiers , so it is very similar to the interests that are needed, we face an enemy that invaded Iraq and Syria territories, and reaching to our borders; and nothing enough in the Treasury” .
 Al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam said to him :” If you bring what you and your wives have , also the princes bring what they have of ill-gotten jewelry, and you transform into money, and distribute to army, and not enough ; then ask for the loan from the people”.
 The Imam had a greatness and prestige where they can not breach, so they complied with his command , and they won.

 Dear brother, there are ideals in Islamic history , we have to follow them , and this can be existent in every time and place , by the Grace of Allah ,Almighty, in every nation , must be there an honestly and sincerely scientists, who derive their force form Allah, those are defending this religion.

 Brother, some governors had raged of al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam and isolated him ; the mufti of Egypt was the Imam Abdulatheem Al-Munthiri , when Ezz Bin Abdulsalam came , al-Imam al-Munthiri said: “ I was giving an advisory opinion, the Imam al-Ezz Bin Abdulsalam did not existent, but now the position of advisory is for him, and I don’t want it” .  Al-Munthiri did not think this man was a competitor, and has stolen the spotlight from him , as there was no enmity craft including but there was a great cooperation.

 Dear brother, the talking about this exalted scientist seems strange, but Allah ,Almighty, supports whom he wills by his victory.

 O brother, indeed, we thank Allah ,Almighty, that our attitudes of this issue are honorable, we stand alone in our attitude , Allah willing,
 Anyway, Allah ,Almighty, will grant victory for our brother in Gaza in spite of the steel wall.
 I say this, and ask forgiveness from Allah ,Almighty, for you and me , if you ask him forgiveness , he will forgive you, and those who are asking forgiveness are the winners.
Ask forgiveness from Allah.

* * *

The second sermon :

 Praise be to Allah, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the patron of righteous, and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, who has the great manners, Allah bless our master Muhammad peace be upon him, and bless all of his companions. The trustees of his call and the leaders of his banners. Oh Allah , Lord of the worlds, give them and us your satisfaction.

The condemnation of construction of steel wall which being built by Egypt on the border with the besieged Gaza Strip :

 O brother, you must be condemn all these millions that have come to the appeal of football, isn’t it? While these millions are not blowing to protest about the construction of the steel wall which being built by Egypt on the border with the besieged Gaza Strip,
 Does any person accept that in this land? This will be held for the security of Israel, and to prevent the arrival of milk and medicine for children , the sick and the trapped.
We had hoped that scientists who have stated that the establishment of this wall is lawful..lawful..lawful as has been said, to condemn the siege, the closure of the crossings , Judaizing Jerusalem, the desecration, and trying to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, and I think that there is no document , no legitimate evidence of Islamic Research Academy in his fatwa that issued in order of the steel wall ; only one document is to satisfy the strong.

 Who among us does not prohibit the construction of this wall? Who says that the entire death of people is lawful? Who says that the death of Muslim people is lawful? Who says that the death of infant is lawful? This talk is beyond the capacity of probability, this is something that has not have known in the political life in this good country, and thank for Allah.

 May the human rising with the advisory opinion to higher degrees, or plunging to their downfall, if this advisory opinion is to satisfy Allah ,Almighty, he will rise to higher degrees, as it is for satisfying the strengthens he will fall down to the lower degrees , the Prophet ,peace be upon him, said :

(( May person says a word without drawing attention , then it fall with him in the hell for seventy years ))

[ Al Termithi : Abi Hurayra]

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