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Friday sermon (1029): The quranic analysis of Islamic community suffering
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

First Sermon :

 Praises be to Allah , we praise Him, seek His help & guidance, we seek refugee from our soul's bad side & deeds with Him , whoever is rightfully guided by Allah, could never be misguided. & vice versa. I testify that there's no God but Allah; confirming His Divinity & compelling to any polytheist, and that Mohammed , our Prophet ( PBUH) is Allah's apostle and the master of creatures and human kind. Oh , Allah , as long as there's a life on this earth bless & reveal peace upon him ( the Prophet ) and his folks & companions & descendants and whoever follows him; till the Resurrection Day.
 Oh Allah , Teach us what is useful, and but us in the use of this knowledge and increase our knowledge, Oh Allah, Show as right as it is , Direct us to follow it , Grant us the awareness and avoidance of the injustice , Oh Allah ,Bless us as to be of those who listen carefully to a speech then follow its best , Be Merciful to us as to make us among Your good worshippers . Oh. Allah , Take us away from ignorance darkness and illusions , to the shine of knowledge and science , and from the desires stink to heavens.

The Qura'nic analysis of Muslims' problems : Why do Muslims fight with each sh3er?

 O respectable brother, the Islamic community suffers from countless problems, such problems have a countless worldly analysis, but the heroism is to depend upon the Qura'nic analysis of these events.
 Why do Muslims fight? Why they severely detest and abhor each other, which lead to killing each other? This great problem is a phenomenon; with countless worldly analysis, but what is the heavenly analysis of these events?

The first analysis : the law of hatred.

 O respectable brother, I always repeat a certain Quranic verse; explains the hatred between two persons, friends, neighbors, colleagues, a husband and his wife, partners, families, tribes, nations; rather civilizations.

" But they have abandoned a good part of the Message that they sent to them. So we planted amongst them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection( when they discarded Allah's Book, disobeyed Allah's Messengers and His Orders and transgressed beyond bounds in Allah's disobedience)."




The law of hatred and resentment was called ( in the holy Qura'n ) a rule , and you shall never find a change for a formed rule by Allah, and you will not find any change in the Way of Allah.
 And now, listen carefully; when a Muslim is not really a Muslim ; he is then related to Islam by history ; being a son of Muslim parents, when a Muslim is not really a Muslim; his interests become earthly rather than heavenly, and this world is limited it's also the place of conflict, competition and dispute, to make it clearer, all wars occurring in the present time is in fact a competition over earth's wealth , and for the first time since four years a strong country declared : our staying in this country is for its oil, which is simply obvious. So, when a Muslim is not really a Muslim; his interests become earthly rather than heavenly, and this world is limited it's also the place of conflict, competition and dispute, resentment and hatred, killing, massacres and bloodshed.
 reported Jareer , that the holy prophet –PBUH- said to him in the last pilgrimage :

" Ask people to listen , then said : after my death don't return to polytheism; killing each other."

[ Narrated: Bukhari]

 He- PBUH- described the dispute between Muslims as polytheism,




The second analysis : the contradiction law between nature and

 O respectable brother, the other analysis : I mentioned this several times; you as a human being has a nature, and of course was given instructions or charge, through the exact analysis, there's a contradiction between nature and instruction, your nature pushes you to take money; whereas the instruction asks you to spend it, your nature orders you to stay at bed in the cold winter nights; whereas the instruction orders you to wake up to perform the dawn prayer, your nature orders you to look freely at women beauty; whereas the instruction orders you to avoid staring at women, your nature orders you to do what you like; whereas the instruction made you a plan and a range that you should not exceed, the proof for this contradiction between nature and instruction is Allah's saying :

"But as for him who feared standing before his Lord, and restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts. Verily, Paradise will be his abode."

[ An-Nazi'at: 40-41]

 The price of the paradise is this contradiction between nature and instruction, and this is only an introduction, the nature is individually and the instruction is cooperative, as much as your belief, devotion , righteousness , and approach of Allah equals your cooperation with your believer brother, and vise versa, as much as your weak belief , and weak righteousness , and farness from Allah equals your competetion with them, Allah's said :

" And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently."

[ Al-Imran :159]

 So, you Mohammed , the master of human being and Allah's darling, you whom is being inspired by Allah, you who has been protected –by Allah – , the most perfect being , you and you ( mentioning all his attributes):

" And had you been severe and harsh- hearted, they would have broken away from about you , so pass over ( their faults), and ask ( Allah's) Forgiveness for them; and consult them in the affairs."

[ Al-Imran :159]


 In other words, a connection, mercy ,flexible; implies for people's gathering ; on the other side: farness from Allah, implies for an unmerciful heart, toughness, rudeness ; then people's abandoning you.


The third analysis : the Islamic brotherhood law :


 O respectable brother, nowadays many challenges face Islamic community, the most striking is the tangible relation among people, a man sells his other life and his religion for a tiny worldly rubbish, thus we desperately need the doctrine of Islamic brotherhood, how to deal with each other, how to understand each other, how to excuse each other, how to like each other, how to disagree with each other; under the shed of love according to Allah curriculum.
 O brother, love according to Allah curriculum is among the firmest bonds of belief, reported Mu'ath bin Anas Al-Juhney, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said :

" who ever gives, forbids, loves, hates and sets a marriage for Allah's sake then he has completed his belief."


 Reported Abu- Hurairah, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said :

" whoever is pleased to truly taste belief, then he must like a person –when he likes some one- only for the sake of Allah ."


 Reported Mu'ath bin Jabal, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said : Allah- the Al-Mighty – said:

" My fondness is obligatory for those who like each other for my sake, gather for my sake, visit each other for my sake, and give each other for my sake."


 Rather the Islamic brotherhood is among the greatest blessings bestowed by Allah upon believers; Allah's said :

" And by the Mercy of Allah, you dealt with them gently."

[ Al-Imran :159]

"And remember Allah's Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts , so that , by His Grace , you become brethren ( in Islamic Faith)."

[ Al-Imran :103]

 O respectable brother, likeness among believers is a path to Allah's shadow in the Resurrection Day, as among the seven persons Allah will overshadow them on the Resurrection day – when there's no other shadow but His shadow- two men liked each other in the cause of Allah , they gather and separate for his sake.
Rather the truth of belief means the belief brotherhood, and the proof is absolute, Allah's said:

"The believers are nothing else but brother( in Islamic religion)."

[ Al-Hujurat :10]


 Other wise; if they weren't brother ; then they're not believers

"The believers are nothing else but brother( in Islamic religion)."

[ Al-Hujurat :10]


 O respectable brother , a miracle happened during the life time of the holy prophet- PBUH- Allah's said :

" If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, But Allah has united them."

[ Al-Anfal :63]

 The landmark of our belief is to love each other.

The fourth analysis : the law of unity and not separation :

 O respectable brother, there must be a thing to unite us, Allah's said :

" And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah ( i.e. this Qura'n)."

[ Al-Imran :103]

  If this rope wasn't there, then the unity is impossible:

" And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah ( i.e. this Qura'n) and be not divided among yourselves."

[ Al-Imran :103]

 If this rope doesn't exist and we didn't cling to it, the believers won't be united together.
 Another thing, the unity is a strength , but a summation of zeros equals zero, whereas the addition of numbers increases the quantity , the strength and the influence.
O respectable brother, the first thing is that you have an obligation towards your Muslim brother whether you accept or not, like or disliked, reported Abdullah bin Omar- may Allah be pleased by them- that the holy prophet-PBUH- informed him that :

" Any two Muslims are brother, each one must not oppresses his brother, or give him up, whoever helps his brother in his need ; Allah shall help him in his need, whoever relief a Muslims' agony , Allah will relief an agony for him in the Resurrection Day, whoever covered a Muslim, Allah will cover him on the Resurrection Day."

[ Bukhari & Muslim]

 Reported Abu- Hurairah, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said :

" A Muslim has six obligations towards his Muslim brother; they asked : O Allah's apostle- what are they? He said : if you meet him , you must greet him, if he invites you must accept his invitation, if he seeks your advice, then advise him, if he sneezes and thanks Allah, then bless him , if he is sick, then visit him , and when he passes away, then follow his funeral."


 And in other Hadeeth :

" these four are among Muslim's obligations towards each other; to help their charitable, to ask Allah for repentance for a sinner Muslim, to invocate for an absent Muslim , and to answer their repentant."

 O respectable brother, these are obligations.

Ways to raise brotherhood among Muslims :

 Now, what are the ways to raise the brotherhood among Muslims?

1-the lovers for sake of Allah ( according to Allah's Cause) :

 Reported Mu'ath bin Jabal, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said : Allah- the Al-Mighty – said:

" Those who like each other for my sake, shall have light platforms- in the Resurrection day- where prophets and martyrs have felicity for them."


 There's likeness for Allah's sake, and likeness with Allah ,the first one is the exact monotheism , where the second one is an exact polytheism.


2-Intact heart:

 You should empty your heart from hatred, envious, or bad intention , you must interpret words in its best analysis, and to have a good opinion of your Muslim brother, as whoever does so, he gains an approach to Allah.
 Reported Anas that the holy prophet –PBUH- said :

" Do never have envy against each other, nor have resentment , or break your relation, and be – O Allah's worshippers – brother in Islam."

3-Not to abandon a brother more than three :


 A Muslim is not allowed to abandon his brother for more than three , reported Abdullah bin Amr that the holy prophet-PBUH- was asked :

" whose better- among people? He replied : each person whose heart is neat, pure , with no sins , neither oppression , nor resentment or envious, and whose tongue says no lies."

[ Ibn Majah]

4- Offering advice and cling to truth and patience :

 Intact heart strengthens relation among believers, then offering advice and clinging to truth; Allah's said :

" By Al-Asr ( the time). Verily, man is in loss, Expect those who believe ( in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds , and recommend one another to the truth [ i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds ( Al-Ma'ruf) which Allah has ordained , and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds ( Al-Munkar) which Allah has forbidden], and recommend one another to patience ( for the suffering , harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad)."

[ Al-Asr]


5-Acknowledging your brother' merits :

 And to know your brother' merits, Allah's said:

" And do not forget liberality between yourselves."

[ Al-Baqarah :237]

 There's a golden rule : if your brother deals you well, and offers you a favor, you should never forget his favor, whereas if you offer a favor to your brother you must forget it immediately, and you should not remember it , this is the perfection.


6- Frankness and openness :

 Here's a flash extracted from our holy prophet's –PBUH- life; during the second Aqabah pledge of allegiance, when Abu Haitham stood to talk to the holy prophet frankly and openly and asking him- PBUH- about what he was going around in his mind : he asked : oh Allah's apostle , we have commitment with the Jewish , and we'll break this commitment , and I wonder if we do this and when Allah bestowed you victory , would you go back to your tribe and leave us? Ka'ab Bin Malek said : the holy prophet smiled then and said:

" Rather , blood blood, and destruction , I'm among you and you're from me ; I fight whoever you fight and make peace to whoever you make peace. "

[ prophet curriculum]

 This story is among openness, so you should be frank.


7- Forgiveness and tolerance :

 Reported Judan that the holy prophet- PBUH- said :

" whoever rejects his brother's excuse- when he makes it- has a sin just as the usury dealer."

[ Ibn Majah]

 The holy prophet- PBUH- said :

" If a Muslim rejects his brother's excuse, he won't arrive to meet me on the aquarium ( in the Resurrection Day)."

[ Tabarani in the middle reported Jaber]

8-Realizing the Doctrine of disagreement :

 But, you should know that the means of brotherhood protection begins with realizing its importance; then we should learn the doctrine of disagreement, when you realize this you become tolerant with your brother, you must not deny him for a disagreement, if you have a certain belief about something, this thing may have another point of view, where you shouldn't deny your brother for his disagreeing view, and you should lift the limit of disagreement to its highest possible level as well as lifting your dialogue level to highest possible level.
 Reported Anas Bin Malek that an old man came to the holy prophet–PBUH- wanted to meet him- and the people didn't make a space to him to pass to meet the prophet, then the holy prophet –PBUH- said :

"He doesn't belong to us – the holy prophet and Muslims- who ever doesn't have mercy upon our children , nor respect our old ones ."



The Fruit of brotherhood :

1-Brotherhood's  fruit on the social level :

 Oh respectable brother, the Islamic brotherhood's fruit on the social level are ripe, this belief brotherhood achieves a community general success , a soul comfort for each individual, it achieves a community strong connection , and and the strong connected society couldn't be punctured, nor could be deceived:

"Verily Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in rows( ranks) as if they were a solid structure."

[As-Saff :4]

2- Brotherhood's  fruit on the level of individuals:

 According to individual, a Muslim feels- if he has a belief brotherhood with his believer brother- that he is not alone in this life, that one for all and all for one, you're not alone in this life ; which helps him on being obedient to Allah as well as worshipping Him.
 reported Mu'ath bin JAbal, that the holy prophet-PBUH- said :

" Satan is a human wolf , just as wolf for sheep, it preys upon remote and aside sheep, so never go to branches ( departments) and stick to Muslim group and the commonares. "



 When you like your brother, and mix with him ; you benefit from his experience, knowledge, and his life style, thus life is enriches with exchanging experience and communication, and when you accompany a senior believer who stands for an example in controlling his organs, his income, his expenditure, his children raising .
 Brotherhood supports stability on truth, whoever belongs to a believing group , his belonging assures a continual connection to Allah, whilst if he lived alone , he may imagine something doesn't pleases Allah, and he may have an illusion of a wrong hostility.
 Regarding the fruit upon the community level, the belief brotherhood enlarges the community against his enemies

"Verily, you ( believers in the oneness of Allah- Islamic Monotheism) are more fearful in their ( Jews of banu An-Nadir) breasts than Allah. That is because they are a people who comprehend not ( the Majesty and the Power of Allah)."

[ Al-Hashr:13]


  and it makes the Islamic community venerated by its enemies

"Verily, you ( believers in the oneness of Allah- Islamic Monotheism) are more fearful in their ( Jews of banu An-Nadir) breasts than Allah. That is because they are a people who comprehend not ( the Majesty and the Power of Allah)."

[ Al-Hashr:13]

" I was bestowed victory by fear– the length of a month's walk."

[ Narrated Bukhari & Muslim, reported Abu-Huraira]

 And his nation when abandoned his Sunnah, it was defeated by fear the length of a year.

The summary of belief  brotherhood :

 Oh respectable brother, the belief brotherhood issue is a religious must, and it can be summarize in one verse:

"The believers are nothing else but brother( in Islamic religion)."

[ Al-Hujurat :10]


 Unless you feel this bond with the believers group, unless you like them, your belief is weak in a way or, in other words is defected.
 So, honorable brother, watch yourselves before being called to account, Weigh your deeds before it shall be weight against you. And be aware that Death Angel had passed us to sh3er , and will passed sh3er to us , so we should be aware. A wise man who condemn himself and work for the afterlife . The powerless follows his fancy and makes wishes for Allah. And Praise be to Allah , Lord of Alamin.

* * *

Second sermon:

 Praise be to Allah , Lord of Alamin, I certify that there's no God but Allah, Master of good ones, I certify that Mohammed is Allah's worshipper & Messenger the one of great morals, Blessings and peaces be of Allah upon him and his neat companions and folks.

The denominational riot : the winning card in our enemies hands:

 Oh respectable brother, as you watch and hear that Muslims' enemies have a winning card , and I hope it shall be unique and the last card; the denominational riot, which is used now in a neighbor country, and achieved the dirty results it was used for, we are in desperate need to repent to Allah , and be straight to his path till we transfer our concerns to the after life, to have the honor morals which lead to Allah's please , to achieve the belief brotherhood among us, till we have a deep awareness, and a strong devotion, and to solve these problems we should drop this only and unique card – if Allah wells- thus we need to reconcile with Allah, and to repent to Him, to perform Islam in our souls , houses, and our business, we should strengthen the bonds of likeness among Muslims till we cooperate, till we give our utmost , till we sacrifice , perhaps Allah – the Al-Mighty – will make us an example for linked, cooperative, helpers, harmonize, solidarity Muslims, but the most hurtful thing is that our enemies cooperate and they have 10% common factors, because they use their minds before using their hands, whereas Muslims fight among each sh3er, instead of the 90% common factors they share, because they use their hands before their minds.
 We- when achieving our enemies' goals – are in the lowest level of minds, rather in the highest levels of stupidity; if ever stupidity has highest level .

The demands of this critical stage:

 This critical stage demands to avoid raising a disagreement issue , it demands silence, to cooperate, , to cooperate according our agreements, and to excuse each other among our disagreement, to approach one another, to drop this winning card of them , and I hope it's the only and the last one in our enemies' hands, to keep the security in our country , which is a great bless.
 So, by talking about this aspect in this hard time, I wanted to confirm the meaning of belief brotherhood among believers, and to make this plan a curriculum.
 Thus, the belief brotherhood means rights, and duties, and the greatest means of defending our entity and means the thwart of our enemies' plans.
 I invocate to Allah for our success and support.
 Oh , Allah , guide us to your path; among whom you guided , and bestow us good health; among whom you bestowed good health, Protect us; among whom you protected, bless us ; among whom you blessed, turn away from us any evil you've ever destined ,You suppresses only by truth , and you may not be suppressed over, and whoever you protect shan't be disgraced, whoever you showed enmity to, shan't be glorified, Oh, Allah, Blessed be you and high above all, Praises to You for what you judged. We ask your forgiveness , and repent to you . Oh Allah, guide us to good deeds , as there's no One but You Shall do so, guide us to good morals , as there's no One but You Shall do so. Oh , Allah, make right our religion, being the safe guide of our lives, make right our present life ,in which we live, make right our other life to which we'll return, grant us this life as supply for good deeds, and make death an ease of any evil thing.
 Oh, Allah, our protector and guardian, the lord of Alamin , grant us satisfaction of your permissions ( Halal)from your wrong-doings (Haram), your obedience from disobedient, your grace from any sh3er' grace.
 Oh Allah, by your grace and Mercy, raise high your religion and the Word of Truth. And grant victory to Islam, honor Muslims, Disgrace polytheists and polytheism ,Oh, Allah, grant Islamic presidents success to follow your path, You , Allah, have the full ability to do whatever you want , and capable of answer.

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