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Creed- Creed and Quran Inimitability- Lesson(00-36): Preface
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  


Why are we created?
What are the means to know Allah?
Is the mind able to comprehend everything or is it limited?
What is Al Fitrah (man’s nature)?
How can we use lusts as means to exalt in the Sight of Allah?
How can calamities can be mercy?
What regulates the relation between man and woman?
Are man’s deeds preordained by Allah or does man have the free will?
How can we manage our time?
When does man's faith get weak and when does it become strong?

So many questions occur in the mind of every person, and the lectures of Creed and Inimitability of Quran answers them and more in a 1200-pages book.
This book puts man in touch with the gnostic aspect of worship and it sheds light on Aqeedah (Creed) from a new perspective.
Allah bestowed man among all creatures with reason, and man among all creatures accepted to bear the trust from which the heavens, the earth and the mountains were afraid and they declined bearing it thusly.
For that very reason, man is assigned by Allah to worship Him and to build the earth.
However, this Divine assignment has constituents, on top of which is this universe which is subjugated to man to honor him and to be his means to know Allah, as everybody on earth believes in the existence and greatness of this universe.
This universe with all its heavens, earth and everything in them manifests the Existence, The Oneness and the Perfection of Allah and it shows Allah’s Beautiful Names and Exalted Attributes. Thus this universe is the first constant in Aqeedah, and if people go astray, become heedless, adopt different points of view, shattered and throw accusations at one another, this universe will be the common denominator among them and it indicates Allah’s Existence.
The mind comes in the second place in the constituents of the Divine Assignment, and by using it, man is able to lead calm, peaceful and happy life, simply because he takes what belongs to him and leaves what doesn’t belong to him, because he knows his abilities and because he builds his relation with sh3er on a clear ground, and thus he deserves to be loved by sh3er. This will make him earn lawful money, establish a family and raise his children according to Islam. Therefore, he uses his brain to earn the Hereafter and as a result he will earn it, and he uses his brain in the worldly life and as a result he will achieve success.
Nevertheless, the mind alone can’t be the frame of reference with regards to religious related matters, for as the eye can’t see without light, also the mind needs a Divine Revelation to guide him to the absolute truth.
Then we have Al Fitrah as one of the constituents of The Divine Assignment, for Allah installed in man’s consciousness and soul a detector which tells him right from wrong. By this Fitrah people can sense the evil doing and avoid it, and they can sense the good deed and feel comfortable upon doing it, and because of that, people praise the good doer and dispraise the evil doer.
The Human soul is inspired by Allah to know the right path and the wrong path, and this reflects the natural feeling every man has in detecting that right matters from the wrong ones.
The mind and Fitrah are the endowments from Allah to man as a means for his perception and they are his path to the human knowledge, given they complete each other so that man will be able to know Haqq (the truth) from Batil (falsehood), good from evil and graceful doing from despicable one.
Nevertheless, the mind can’t make man do the right thing, for how many educated people are out there, yet most of them smoke (for example). Therefore, facts alone are not enough to make man do the right thing. Thus man needs the strong will to abide by facts.
As for Al Fitrah, it is subject of distortion and the environment might perish it, so in this case what is the only frame of reference that is left for Muslims? It is the Divine Revelation.
This Divine Revelation is the absolute truth, it is the frame of reference and it is the exalted standard. Therefore, if we abide by Quran and Sunnah we will never go astray.

Allah also installed in man lusts, which are neutral, so they are not the reason behind the mischief on earth, but rather abusing them is the reason.
Moreover, man can make lusts his means to draw close to Allah, so don’t accuse lusts because without them you will never have a chance to exalt in the Sight of The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and without them you will never have the chance to enter paradise.
Finally, the most crucial constituent of the Divine Assignment is the free will.
Allah the Almighty gives man the free will in order to evaluate our deeds, otherwise, good deeds and bad deeds will not make any difference in the sense of rewarding or punishing.
All these constituents: the universe, the mind, Al Fitrah, The Divine Method, the lusts and the free will, take place on the earth in the time of lifespan (of every person). Therefore, man’s life time is his capital in the worldly life, and he should spend it in purifying his soul as a price he pays to deserve his Lord’s paradise.
Last but not least, this book showcases its topics in a very simple style and elaborates the ideas through connecting the concepts with reality and through giving examples.
The most amazing thing about these lectures is that they shed light, in each one of them, on one side of the inimitability of the Quran; So if you want to wander around in these miracles in order to come back with a heart full of faith, and if you want to avoid all conflicts on earth, the universe will suffice you, for everything in the universe denotes The Greatness of Allah:

In everything there is a sign
indicates that Allah is the Only Deity

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