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Friday sermon (1134): Time is the fourth dimension of things.-You’re richer than seventy-five percent of the inhabitants of the earth.
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

First Sermon:

 Praise be to Allah. We praise him, ask him for help, ask him for guidance; we seek refuge with him from the evils of ourselves and our bad deeds; when Allah guides someone, he will never be lost; and when Allah misleads someone , he will never find a guide.
 I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone with no partner or associate, in recognition of his godhood, forceful for those who deny and disbelieve in him.
 I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah, the master of humans and creatures every time an eye sees something, every time an ear hears something.
 O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, his family, companions, “Ahl-Albeit” who are good and pure, the trustees of Prophet Muhammad’s call, and leaders of his brigade.
 Oh Allah , Lord of the worlds, be pleased with us and them.

Time is a kinetic dimension, it’s the fourth dimension of things :

 Dear brother, a year passed away and another has come. What does it mean that a year has passed and a year has arrived? It’s time in its movement. What is the reality of time? It’s the kinetic dimension of things.
 height is a volumetric dimension; time is a kinetic dimension. We have a point; Length and width are superficial dimensions, just length and width; depth or when this point moves it forms a line; if this line moves , it’s a surface; if this surface moves, it’s a size; if this size moves , it’s time; that is the fourth dimension of things.
 Dear brother, do you believe that you are time? One of more specific human definitions refers to this, as the exalted guide “Al Hassan Al Bassri” said : "Man is a few days; whenever a day passed away , some of him passed away".
 Brother, the ultimate movement in the universe is the movement of light; it passes along three hundred thousand kilometers per second. Anybody who walked with light would suspend time.
 This large group of people, may Allah reward you , there are waves of light that reach the outside world. If it were possible for a human to go with these waves , the scene of the large group of people would stay forever ; if the body went with the light , it would become light too so time would stop ; if the body outran the light, time would retreat ; but if the body retreated for light, time would slacken.
 This research is very specific and needs to be argued in a college not in a mosque; just simplified facts are what we need here.
Dear brother, Allah, Glory be to him, says:

{ And the sun runs its course and describes its orbit, sited in a settled position, belonging, as determined by AL-Aziz, AL-'Alim.}

[ Yaseen :38 ]

 The sun is moving and movement is the fourth dimension. Earth is moving round itself, and round the sun; when it moves round itself it makes day and night; but when it moves round the sun this makes the four seasons which contain the solar year.


Time in the Islamic concept  :


 Dear brother, if a person researches the “ Islamic concept of time” he will find a great truth that Allah, Glory be to him, says:

{1- By the era distinctive of life on earth, 2- Man suffers loss through negligence and misadventure and what his ambition is worth, 3- Except those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety, who commended adherence to what is in conformity with truth and accords with reality and promoted the virtue of patience in their society.}


 Man becomes a loser because passing of time is wasting him. Saturday , Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, a week has passed; a second week, third week, fourth week, a month has passed; the first month, second month, third month, a season has passed; the first season, second season, third season , fourth season, a year has passed; ten years contain a decade; days passed away and time doesn’t stop.
 Allah ,The Most Great, says:

{1- By the era distinctive of life on earth}

[ Al’asr :1]

 This gives the meaning of “the passing of time is wasting the human; you are but a few days; as a day passed away, some of you passed too”. So you’re a few days and this means that you’re time. You can say that the only capital and the most precious wealth for the human is time. How do you spend this time?
Either you spend it as most people do: eating, drinking, enjoying life, then they are surprised with death coming.
 Or you spend it in what we call “capital expenditure” which means that you spend this passing time in an act which is beneficial to you after the lapse of time. So what do you carry into the grave? Your good deeds only; you have nothing but your deeds in the grave. You’ll leave your home, your car, your shop, and your stately office. You’ll leave all your world and go to the grave.


Human has to spend time thinking about the creation of of the heavens and the earth in order to know Allah :


 Dear brother, therefore, in order for a person to spend time in a capital expenditure way, in order to do useful things and find them after the lapse of time he must think about the creation of the heavens and earth to know Allah. Whereas footprints indicate walking, water indicates a spring. A sky with towers, land of deep ravines, aren’t they demonstrating Allah, the pinnacle of Wisdom and Experience? “Allah” is Great in his creation, Perfect in his deed. One of the requirements of this perfection is to not leave his servants without knowledge, clarification, a method of order, prohibition, forgiveness , warning, promise, and threat; because perfection of creation demonstrates the integrity of the act . This universe reveals a great creator, Merciful, Wise and Mighty, Rich and Compassionate; these names of Allah are revealed from Allah, the Most Glorious, his creatures, deeds, and speech. So there are cosmic verses, structural verses, and Quranic verses.

Some examples of the scientific miracles :

 When you know Allah, Almighty, through this universe, you find a book from Allah “Al Quran”. What is the evidence that this book is the book of Allah?
Some have said : the scientific miracles.

1- Darkness in outer space :

 When the astronaut ascended to the moon during the first trip, having exceeded the atmosphere which has a thickness of sixty-five thousand kilometers and moved to outer space to a place that has no atmosphere he shouted: “We have become blind! We cannot see anything, why?”
 Because there is a phenomenon on the earth called ‘dissemination of light rays’; when the sun rays hit the atmosphere, the atmospheric atoms reflect some rays onto other atoms, so as long as you are within the atmosphere there is light and sun rays, but if the atmosphere is exceeded the dispersion disappears and space becomes dark . Open the Holy Qur’an which is a thousand and four hundred years old and read what Allah, Almighty, says:

{14- And if We were to open to them a gate in heaven to provide a free passage so as to admit of their continued ascent into the realm, 15- They would say ‘Our eyes have been dazzled! Nay, we are a people bewitched!}

[Al Hijr : 14,15]

 This fact was discovered after the outer space exploration, but the Qur’an mentioned it one thousand four hundred years ago . There are countless facts like this; so, one of the greatest proofs that the Holy Qur’an is the words of Allah is “ the scientific miracle”.


2- Amazing inventions that draw attention:

 A man aboard a fast modern plane opens the Qur’an, and while he is in the plane, reads the verse:

{ And horses, mules and asses did He create for you to ride and to use as an adornment, }

[ Al Nahl: 8]

 Nowadays there are planes, trains, vehicles, helicopters, yachts, ships, and cars. Continue reading the verse:

{and He creates what is yet unknown to you}

[Al Nahl : 8]

 Hence these are words of the Creator of the universe.


3- Damask rose:

 The space agency ,which is the first in the world, presented on its website a picture of a rose; if you look at it you will not doubt for one second that it’s a damask rose , with its dark red leafs, its colorful green leaflets, and its blue calyx in the middle; written under this picture: “An image of explosion of star, named “ Cat’s Eye” about three thousand light-years away.” Open the Holy Qur’an:


{Then when the heaven is rent asunder and becomes a red molten mass that soaked up all the rose of the flames of the fire, Which of your Creator's favors ,you people of mankind and the Jinn, will deny?}

[ Al Rahman : 37, 38 ]

Holy Qur’an is confirmed by the occurrence of promises:

 This universe indicates the existence of a great God , One , Perfect with beautiful names and the best attributes, and the Qur’an is proving that with more than one thousand three hundred verses about scientific miracles. And, the Holy Qur’an, the words of Allah, has confirmed the occurrence of the promises and warnings . The global financial system which is hundreds of years old is based on usury, and that which is forbidden. The global system is quite robust, but more than one hundred and fifty-five banks declared bankruptcy. How did this system collapse? The collapse of the system is a realization of the divine warnings:

{Allah denounces usury but repays charitable acts generously}

[ Al Bakara : 276]

 What is the evidence that the Qur’an is the word of Allah? Scientific miracles confirm the promises and warnings; and what is the proof that this man “Muhammad bin Abdullah” peace be upon him is the Messenger of Allah? I think it was the Qur’an.


Allah, Almighty, is fully perfect and perfection of creation demonstrates the integrity of the act :

 Allah, Almighty, has given you a universe that affirms existence, the status of one, and the perfection of Allah; He has given you the Qur’an which is through its miracles, through the occurrence of promises and warnings, proves to you that the Qur’an is the word of Allah. Allah sent you a great Prophet and the evidence of his prophetness is the Qur’an; so Allah ,Almighty, is fully perfect ,and perfection of creation demonstrates the integrity of the act. Because Allah is perfect, he sends Prophets and Messengers to his servants in order to make them know the truth about the universe, life, and the human; to make them know that they have been created for paradise as wide as heavens and earth, and this life that we live is a minimum life and after there is a maximum life that contains :

(( What no eye has seen no ear has heard , never expected by a human))

[Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim , Al Termethi : Abo Huryra]

 Allah has given you a universe, a brain, an instinct, a legislation, a desire, a freedom, and has given you an age and time.
Dear brother, The Day of Resurrection:

{(15)But the righteous who keep Allah in mind and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him will take abode in gardens of surpassing beauty ornamented with beautiful springs, (16)satisfied with what Allah has fulfilled of their wish and their desire and expectation; they were charitable in life and they performed their duties to the best, (17) They hardly missed a night but apportioned part of it, be it little or much, to divine worship at the expense of their sleep, (18) And they entreated Allah humbly when the stars became invisible at the gleam of dawn: «O Allah they prayed, to err is human, to forgive is divine. We beseech your forgiveness of our errors and our iniquities if we had inadvertently done any», (19) And they apportioned a determinate share of their wealth to distribute among the needy who make requests for aid, and among those without the means of bare subsistence and among the faint souls past corporal toil }

[Al Thariyat]

{ 19- Then he who is given his book, bearing his record, in his right hand will joyfully say to those he meets: «there, you may read my book lending radiance of the divine glory»,20- «I was convinced», he adds, «of the truth of The Day of Judgment when I would be requited the like for the like», 21- Such persons whose deeds were imprinted with wisdom and piety shall live in comfort and delight, 22- In Gardens exalted and blissful, spectacular and most pleasing to the sight, 23- With fruits on branches springing up and down to be always within easy reach and always in their sight, 24- Welcomed therein, they will be told: «Eat and drink and enjoy all that affords pleasure, in return for the works of equity you had done in the days bygone»}.

[Al Haqqa]

Allah, Almighty, swears by the ultimate time for this highest ranked creature who is in reality, time :

 Dear brother, Allah swears by the ultimate time, the era, for this human being who is in the first rank of creation, which is in reality, time. Allah, Almighty, swore an oath to him and said:

{1- By the era distinctive of life on earth, 2- Man suffers loss through negligence and misadventure and what his ambition is worth, 3- Except those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety, who commended adherence to what is in conformity with truth and accords with reality and promoted the virtue of patience in their society.}


 “Imam Al-Shafi’I” said: "It is enough for people to understand these verses and do its orders ".
 The words after “ except” : { Except those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds wisdom and piety, who commended adherence to what is in conformity with truth and accords with reality and promoted the virtue of patience in their society.} are the pillars of deliverance, the day knowledge is not increased, and does not get to obey, and does not get the invitation to Allah , and does not get the patience to know and to obey him, and to call for him; this is when you are on the losing side.
 Allah has sworn an oath, and he is the most sincere .


The biggest loss for a person is to lose eternity and to lose his self, which Allah, Almighty, created to be happy :

 Then Allah, Almighty, says:

{«Whereas you are free to worship whom you please or whom you choose besides Him» And say to them: «The big losers in Day of Judgment shall he those who had lost their own souls as well as their own people and evidently shall this be the irretrievable loss.»}

[ Al Zumar :15]

 The biggest loss is to lose eternity; the biggest loss is to lose paradise; the biggest loss is to lose yourself which Allah created to be happy and to have mercy on.

{But not those whom Allah has graced with His mercy.}

[Hood :119]

{103- Say to the infidels O Muhammad «shall We tell you who they are whose deeds in life have lost them the most!» 104- «They are those who presumed upon Providence and conducted themselves in life according to false concepts and they thought they were doing what is right». 105- It is these who have denied the truth of their Creator's signs}.

[Al Kahf]

 The cosmic signs are Allah’s creation , the formative signs are his actions , and the Quranic signs are his words.

{103- Say to the infidels O Muhammad «shall We tell you who they are whose deeds in life have lost them the most!» 104- «They are those who presumed upon Providence and conducted themselves in life according to false concepts and they thought they were doing what is right». 105- It is these who have denied the truth of their Creator's signs and counseled deaf to His spirit of truth guiding into all truth and to His promise of Judgment at Resurrection. In consequence their hopes shall be doomed to disappointment and their deeds to worthlessness, and in Day of Judgment We will attach to them no importance nor shall their pleading be of weight. 106- These are the ill-fated who justly deserve the abode in Hell by reason of their infidelity and disobedience and by consequence of laughing My revelations and signs and My Messengers to scorn}

[Al Kahf]

There is no goodness in life apart from an articulate scholar or a mindful listener :

 Dear brother, “Abo Saeed Al-Khudri”, May Allah be pleased with him, said: “the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said in his sermon:

((Oh people, there is no goodness in life apart from an articulate scholar or a mindful listener. Oh people, you are in a time of truce, but the march is quick, and you see that the day and night make every new thing frayed, and bring near all promised things “Al- Mekdad” said to him: ” Oh Messenger of Allah, what is ‘truce’?” The Prophet “PBUH” said: “a place of ordeal and cessation, countless proposals, delusions, desires, factionalism, deviations, and speculation; if the commands become puzzling to you, like dark nights, the resolution is “The Holy Qur’an”. It’s interceding and interceded, and a certified witness, so whoever makes the “Qur’an” his guide it will lead him to paradise; and whoever leaves it behind him, it will drive him to hell. It is the clearest guide to the best way. If one speaks from Qur’an, then he is honest; and the person who executes the orders of Qur’an will be rewarded; and whoever makes the Qur’an his judge is fair))

[mentioned by Al Hindi , Ali]

 Dear brother, let’s talk about time. A year went by and another came, a day came and another went, so Allah, Almighty, says : {Enter into rivalry}This verse has a reference to time. Allah says:

{Every one, individually or in a group, justifying faith as a conviction operative on the character and will, is distinguished by attributes characterizing him or the group with a particular aim or goal. Or with a Kiblah meeting his or their expectations and may or may not be based on spiritual apprehension of divine truths past or present. This must not be the cause inducing you people to contend against each other. The cause for which you should be ready to contend to your life's end is good will and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety. One day, wherever you may be, shall Allah bring you all together to His venerable Majestic presence; He is indeed Qadirun over all things}.

[ Al Bakara :148]

Properties of time :

1- Time is running quickly :

 Brother, one of the properties of time is running quickly. It goes like clouds go , like wind when it’s passing, whether the time was of pleasure and joy, or of depression and sorrows. Although the days of pleasure pass quickly, and days of worry go slower , it’s not really but the sense of that individual. No matter how long human life is, his life is short, as death is the end of all creatures. Each creature will die, only Allah, who has the Most of Pride and Omnipotence, will stay forever.

Night, no matter how long, must be followed by dawn
Age, no matter how long, must be followed by the descent of the grave
Each son of a female, although he had long days of wellbeing
Will be carried on a humpback instrument
If you carried a funeral to the graves
You should know that you’ll be carried later

 Allah, Almighty, says:

{On the Day He throngs them before Him for judgment, they shall bring back to the mind their life below appearing to them, then, as though it had lasted for no more than one hour of the time of daylight, and they shall recognize each other by the distinctive features, the appearance and the character. There and then shall the losers be those who denied Resurrection and the audience of Allah, who were misdirected in action and thought and had the wrong purpose and intention}.

[ Yunus :45]

 The first characteristic of time is running fast . Each one of us, if he was thirty years old, for example would say: “how did the thirty years pass?”. A forty year-old: “how did the forty years pass?”. Like the blink of an eye; for example, you say yesterday you were a primary student, today you have a doctorate. Everyone feels that the past went quickly, and measured the time that remained and is also quickly running out, and man is sometimes surprised by death.


2 –The past can never come back and cannot be retrieved:



  The second characteristic: that the past can never comeback and cannot be retrieved, so Al-Hassan al-Basri said : "Every day when the dawn is rising it calls: O son of Adam, I am a new creature, and I am a witness to your deeds, so gain from me because I do not return on the Day of Resurrection. "
 O son of Adam, you are collection of days; whenever a day went , some of you went too.

The Holy Qur’an mentioned in the following verses two situations: the first is “the hour of agony”, and the second is “ in the :

 If a human, dear brother, ignored the value of time, then a time will come when he will know the value of time, but it will be too late. The Qur’an mentioned two situations; the first is “death bed” :

{9- O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: Let not your wealth nor your progeny distract your minds and attention from remembering Allah and keeping Him in mind. He who is allured by his wealth or his progeny to neglect his duty and obligations to Allah shall he and such persons incur the privation of hope and suffer loss, 10- And spend in benefaction and in benevolence of what We have given you, before the encounter with death occasions anyone of you and then he says «My Creator, if only you would delay my death for a while, I will seize my opportunity to be liberal in my benefactions and engage in deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety}.

[ Al Munafiqoon]

 The answer :

{ But Allah shall not delay the death of a soul when its time is fulfilled; and Allah is well acquainted with what the bosoms store of thoughts and feelings and with all that you do}.

[ Al Munafiqoon :11 ]

 The second position is “in the Hereafter”. Allah , Almighty, says:

{36- But those -infidels- who deny Him shall have to suffer for it. Hell shall assert them as her own and therein they will have passed through nature to eternal suffering. Never shall they perish in the wreck of time or suffer death nor shall their torment be mitigated, for thus do We requite the ungrateful who display no gratitude, 37- While in the abysm of Hell, they shall implore Allah in a loud and exauthord voice, thus: O Allah, our Creator, deliver us out of it. We will imprint our deeds with wisdom and piety contrary to the wrong and the evil We did before. But they shall be told. "Did We not give you life long enough to give a chance to him who was willing to open his heart's ears and to lift to Allah his inward sight!. You received Allah's Messengers who warned you of this unbearable Eventful Event! Therefore, you taste the fatal consequences and do not expect any one to afford you help»}.

[ Fater ]

The harbinger :

 The harbinger is “ the Holy Qur’an”, the harbinger is “ the Prophet Muhammad” peace be upon him, and the harbinger is the age of forty; when you become forty years old you have to know that you have entered ”the Hereafter markets”. The harbinger is the age of sixty, and the harbinger is the gray hair.

(( O my servant, your age increased, your back bowed, your sight became weak , and your hair became gray ; so be ashamed of me because I am ashamed of you ))

[ Mentioned in Al Athar]

 Also the harbinger is the calamities :

{Had We not sent you O Muhammad to the people in general and to the Pagans in particular to serve as a spectacle and a warning they would have said when befallen with a misfortune as a reaction to what their wrongful and unclean hands have committed: «O Allah, our Creator, if only You had sent to us a Messenger to guide us to Your path in which Your divine signs shine like beacons inciting us to lift to You our inward sight»}

[ Al Qasas : 47]

{ If We had reduced them to a useless form before this Book -the Quran- was revealed, they would have said: «O Allah, our Creator, if only You had sent to us a Messenger with the spirit of truth guiding into all truth we would have acknowledged Your revelations and authoritative signs and followed Your path of righteousness before We were humbled and put to shame!»}

[ Taha :134]

The good people are of long life and good :

 So Dear Brother, the issue of Portent :

{You received Allah's Messengers}

[ Fater :37]

 The Prophet is the portent , the Qur’an is the portent, the age of forty is the portent, sixty is the portent, the calamity is the portent, and the death of relatives is the portent. So, “Imam Al Hassan al-Basri”, Allah compassionates him, said :
“ Beware of procrastination; you are responsible for your day not tomorrow. Beware of (will), for it is one of the devil’s soldiers”.
Do you want to repent now? The Prophet , peace be upon him, said:

((Gain five before five: your life before your death, your health before your illness, free time before your job, your youth before old age, and your wealth before your poverty))

[Narrated by Al Hakem, Baihaki : Bin Abbas, Ahmad : Amr bin Maymun]

 Dear brother, the Prophet (PBUH)said:

(( The best of you is he who has a long life and good work))

[ Al Termizi : Abdullah bin Basar]

 And the Prophet (PBUH) said:

(( Not blessed am I at the sun rise of a day, if I didn’t increase my knowledge in it; and not blessed am I at the sun rise of a day if I didn’t become closer to Allah, Almighty ))

[ Mentioned in Al- Athar]


 The author of “Al- Hikam” said:
 “ Many an age in its durations are wide , and its resources are little ; many an age in its durations are little, and it has many of resources ; a person who was blessed in his age , in a little time can become aware of many boons which no phrases can describe, and will never be followed by a flashing sign”.


Whensoever the scope of good work was wider and more spread out, the work was greater :


 After believing in Allah, Almighty, the reason for human existence is good works; the wider the scope of a good work, encompassing large numbers of people until it becomes peoples and nations, this work will be greater.
 One man came to humanity as a Prophet and Messenger, and then Islam spread from the outskirts of China to the outskirts of Paris. The larger scope of work was the greatest work.
 Also, whenever the duration of action was longer, since one thousand four-hundred years ago, Islam has been everywhere, and the deeper good work penetrates into the self, the greater the work. So, the Prophet (PBUH) said :

(( If a man has died, his work stopped except for three : ongoing charity (mortmain is ongoing charity), beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who pleads for him))

[ Al Termithi : Abu Horayra]

Increase the value of work in the balance of justice when the evil appears and good disappears:

 Dear brother, the value of work increases in the balance of justice when societies become corrupt, conditions are disturbed, princes are maltreated, the powerful men are oppressive, rich men become richer, scholars are blandished, filthiness is spread , evil appears, and good disappears.
 The Prophet, peace be upon him, said :

(( The worship in the commotion is like a migration to me ))

[ Narrated by Muslim : Maquel bin Yasar]

 If you worship Allah in the time of clothed naked women, oblique women; at the time when the heart of the believer melts from what was seen and can not change, at the time when people believe the liar, and attribute the lie to the sincere, in the age the traitor was entrusted, and the honest is called a traitor :

(( The worship in the commotion is like a migration to me ))

[ Narrated by Muslim : Maquel bin Yasar]

 O brother, there is a specific Hadith, “ Prophet’s words” that involves specific details. The Prophet (BPUH) says :

((That which will reach a believer from his work and his good deeds after his death is: knowledge taught and circulated, and a righteous son whom he left, Qur’an inherited, or a mosque built, or a house built for the wayfarer, or a river channeled, or charity from his own money, health and his lifetime, reach him after his death))

[Narrated by Bin Majah : Abu Horayra]

 Dear Brother, judge yourselves before you are judged, and weigh your deeds before they are weighed, and you should know that the angel of death has passed by us to sh3er, and sh3er will pass us. Let us take the warnings: the straight man who has judged himself, and worked for his death , and the loser who has followed his own desires and wished for aspirations from Allah
 Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


* * *

Second sermon :


 Praise be to Allah, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the patron of righteous, and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, who is of great moral character. Allah bless our master Muhammad peace be upon him and bless his family who are good and chaste, and all of his companions.

The blessings which Allah, Almighty, granted for the human :

 Dear brother, we are at the beginning of a new year, a Gregorian year. Some of the people who have mentioned these facts say: If you have a house to live in , place for sleeping , food in your home , clothes to wear, then you are richer than seventy-five percent of the world population.
 Whether it’s a house in a high floor, under the ground, big or small, you have a house key.
 A house to live in, a place for sleeping, food in your home , clothes to wear; then you are richer than seventy-five percent of the world population.
 If you have money in your pocket, and you saved some of it for bad days, then you are one from eight percent of the world population , even if you only saved some money, even just one thousand Syrian Pound in a month.
 If you have woken up in a good health in today you are in a great blessing; there are a million people in the world who could not live only a week because of illness.
 If you did not taste the risk of war, did not enter the prison, and did not suffer severe torture, you are better than five hundred million people on Earth.
 If you pray in the mosque without fear of, thank Allah, torture, or persecution, or arrest, or death, you are in grace which three billion people in the world do not know.
 You should know the blessings which Allah has granted for us.
 If your parents are alive and living together and not divorced, you are very rare in this life - your father and your mother are alive and living together.

 If you smile and thank Allah Almighty, you are in grace. Many could not do so and they do not.

 If this message is sent to you and if you read it , then you are better than two billion people who know how to read and write.
So Dear Brother, before asking “what am I missing?”, see what you do have.

{ If you actuate yourselves with the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness I will make all grace abound in you}.

[Ibrahim : 7]

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