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Scientific Topics - Scientific Topics from Sermons- Lesson(338): Human Body
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

What about human body?

  In the life of each and every one of us there are crystal clear Divine Miracles that bespeak Allah’s Infinite Divine Power. One of such marvelous miracles is our human body, which is the closest to us. For example, in the head of each one of us there are 300,000 hairs; and each hair has a root, a vein, an artery, a muscle, a nerve, a fat-gland, and a dye-gland.

 In the retina there are ten layers that have 140,000,000 light-sensors, cones and canes. And From the eye to the brain stems a nerve that contains 500,000 nerve-fibers.

 In the human ear there is a net similar to that of the eye. It has 30,000 auditory cells that transmit even most accurate sounds. In the human brain there is an apparatus that measures the time difference of sound arrival to each of the two ears; and the difference, which is less than 1\1600 of a second, helps man find out direction of sound-source.

 On the surface of the human tongue there are 9,000 taste-juts that help man differentiate different kinds of tastes: sweet, bitter, salty, and sour…etc. They also transmit tastes to the brain.

 Each sound pronounced by man is articulated by 17 muscles.

 Who believes that in the outer mucus cover of the mouth there are 500,000 cells?! Every five minutes 500,000 cells die in the interior wall of the mouth, and are replaced by another 500,000 new cells.

 If the red blood corpuscles were lined one beside another, they would make a line six times as long as the circumference of the earth. In every square millimeter of blood there are 5,000,000 red corpuscles, each of which runs 1500 times inside blood vessels, a distance of 1150,000 km’s a day.

 In the average life of a person, the heart pumps as much blood as would fill the highest sky scrapers in the world. It beats 60-80 times a minute, 100,000 times a day, during which it pumps 8,000 liters of blood (200 liters equal a barrel)! A scientist carried out some calculations of the amount of blood pumped by the heart throughout an average life of a normal person. He found out that the normal human heart pumps 56,000,000 gallons (one gallon equals five liters) of blood during the average life-p of man.

 In one second, man consumes 120,000,000 cells of his body.

 In the human brain 14 billion outer cells and 100 billion supporting cells, whose work is not known yet; nevertheless, it can not understand its own secrets.

 In the human lungs there are 700,000,000 lung-roots that look like a clutch of grapes. If they are spread, these roots cover an area of 200 square meters. The two lungs move 25,000 times a day, breathing 180 square meters of air.

 In the human liver there are 300 billion cells that are completely renewed in four months. The different kinds of work the liver does are so numerous and vital that a person can not survive without a liver for more than three hours.

 In the internal wall of the human stomach there are 1,000,000,000 cells that produce more than several liters of Hydrochloric acid a day. And scientists have not so far been able to find an answer to the question: Why doesn’t the stomach digest itself?! Isn’t the stomach a miracle?!

 In the human intestine there are 3600 absorption fluffs in every square centimeter; and such fluffs are completely renewed every 48 hours.

 In the two human kidneys there are 2,000,000 filtering units, the total length of which is 100 km’s, and through which blood runs five times a day.

 Under the surface of the skin there are 15,000,000 conditioners of body temperature, i.e. sweat-glands, each of which has a special conditioner which regulates its temperature and moisture.

 Our body, with which we live is the nearest Divine Miracle to us. And the afore-mentioned are indisputable facts discovered by doctors tens of years ago. In this context Allah, All-Mighty, says,

﴾And also in your own selves (there are Divine Signs). Will you not then see?!﴿

[LI; 21]

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