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Scientific topics from sermons- lesson (149): The Miracle of Night Journey and Ascention to Heavens
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

What does ("Be!" and it is!) Mean?

Dear believing brothers, there is a fact that must be determined, which is that when someone gets up and moves from Makkah to Madinah and returns to his home before even his bad gets colder, and then he descends from Makkah into Jerusalem and ascends from Jerusalem into the Heaven and returns back, this is a violation of customs and a violation of the norms. 
Dear noble brothers, the familiar and unfamiliar things, the usual and the unusual things, the things that we know are reasonable, and the one some people think are unreasonable, are all in the Power of Allah the Almighty, because Allah's Order is be, and it is! Have you not read the following Words of Allah, Exalted and Sublime be He? 

﴾ We (Allah) said: "O fire! Be you coolness and safety for Ibrahim (Abraham)!" ﴿

[ Al-Anbiya', 69 ]

Fire does not burn except by Allah's Will, so if Allah wills it to burn things, it will, and if He does not will it to burn things, it will not. The same goes for water; it is fluid, but if Allah the Almighty wills, it turns into a firm mass of a mountain. This is what happened to the sea water, when Allah, Exalted and Sublime be He, saved our Master Musa (Muses) PBUH: 

﴾ And when the two hosts saw each other, the companions of Musa (Moses) said: "We are sure to be overtaken."* [Musa (Moses)] said: "Nay, verily! With me is my Lord, He will guide me.")* Then We inspired Musa (Moses) (saying): "Strike the sea with your stick." And it parted, and each separate part (of that sea water) became like the huge, firm mass of a mountain. ﴿

[ Ash-Shu'ara', 61-63 ]

The sea became a dry road by Allah's Will, so why does Allah the Almighty violate customs? Because if you think that this thing is the effect of that cause, and that such a cause is the creator of that thing, you fall into Shirk (polytheism) unintentionally. The Creator of things is Allah the Almighty, and the cause-effect relationship is the belief of Ahl as-Sunnah wa'l Jama'ah (people who took the knowledge from the route of Shari'ah (Islamic Law).)  However, the One Who creates the property of burning in fire is Allah the Almighty, and He is the One Who willed that the Prophet PBUH move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. In such a case the Creator of time stopped the condition of time, and the Creator of the place stopped the condition of place. Accordingly, the Islamic ruling of Isra' and Mi'raj is the ruling of any miracle mentioned in the Noble Quran.

The universe is a miracle: 

Let me tell you one more thing, which is the most important fact: The familiar and unfamiliar things are both miraculous. Have you ever pondered over the cow which provides you with milk? If the people of the earth and the organic chemists in the world gather to make from this green plant milk containing the basic nutritional elements of our food, they will never be able to do so. Is the cow not a miracle? Is the hen not a miracle? Is the creation of man not a miracle? Is growing the plants not a miracle? Is the rain fall not a miracle? Indeed, you are surrounded by millions of millions of miracles without being aware of that. It was reported in the relic: 

(( The universe is an enough miracle to you ))

The universe is a miracle. 

You know that the little baby is originally from semen of worthless water (male and female sexual discharge). The sperm cell (spermatozoa) cannot be seen with the naked eye, and man ejaculates about 300.000.000 sperm cells.  The mature sperm cell consists of a head, body and tail. The head is covered by the ac cap, beneath which there is a sticky substance that dissolves the membrane of the ovum. When the strongest sperm cell hits the ovum the membrane which covers its head can be easily ruptured, and the sticky substance will dissolve the membrane of the ovum in order to get into it and close the membrane behind. It only takes one sperm cell to fertilize an egg. Then the fertilized ovum begins its division into 10.000 cells without increasing in size (while moving down the Fallopian tube and into the uterus). What a miracle the creation of man is!  

After man is born, the brain which contains 140 billion gray cells is formed, and then he starts to have nerves, bones, the heart, arteries, lungs, the stomach, the intestine, the sense of hearing, the sense of sight, the lips, the tongue, the muscles, the organs, the hair, the skin, the pores, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands, and so on. Hence, this little creature is a miracle! 

We move to the plant. I read about its leaf an amazing fact; the greatest man-made laboratory on the earth will never ever live up to the level of this leaf. It is a silent factory that takes water and minerals from the soil, but how is this water pumped to the top of the tree? The leaf contains chlorophyll, it takes carbon dioxide from the air, it takes the photon from the sun, it takes water and minerals from the soil, and it takes from the iron salts the required properties, and it makes the descending sap. This descending sap is what makes the stem, the branches, the root, and the fruits. Who has taught the plant to do these missions? How has Allah the Almighty installed all these properties in the seed? 

In addition to the plant, the animal is a miracle. There are million species of fish in the seas. The weight of some whales is 180 tons, and the feeding of the little whale is 300 kilograms. It is fed three times a day, so it needs one ton of milk every day. How about the mosquito? Allah the Almighty says: 

﴾ Verily, Allah is not ashamed to set forth a parable even of a mosquito or so much more when it is bigger (or less when it is smaller) than it. ﴿

[ Al-Baqarah, 26 ]

The mosquito has a thermal receiving device (with the sensitivity of 0.001 degrees Centigrade Celsius, and with which it can recognize the subjects according to the heat produced by them, not by their shapes, mess or colors), it has an anesthetic, a blood testing system and a blood liquefaction system. Its wings flap 4.000 times in one second causing the buzzing sound. The mosquito has 3 hearts (a central one and one for each of its wings, and in each heart there are 2 atriums, 2 ventricles and 2 valves). Its legs have claws that suit the rough surfaces and lancets that suit the soft surfaces.  Allah the Almighty says: 

﴾ Verily, Allah is not ashamed to set forth a parable even of a mosquito or so much more when it is bigger (or less when it is smaller) than it. ﴿

[ Al-Baqarah, 26 ]

The mosquito is a miracle, the sheep is a miracle, the cow is a miracle, the hen is a miracle, the creation of man is a miracle, and the various kinds of fruits are a miracle. In addition to all these miracles, the sun is a miracle; it is 165 million light years away from us. Yet, we get warm by its heat, and we have light from its light. Moreover, if the earth were thrown into its core it would evaporate in one second. 

Verily, the universe as a whole is a miracle, so is it difficult for Allah, Exalted and Sublime be He, to let the Prophet PBUH travel from Makkah to Jerusalem and to ascend from Jerusalem into heaven? If you reflect deeply on the universe, you will realize that the familiar and unfamiliar things are all under Allah's Power and Control, and you will realize that the familiar and the unfamiliar things are originally miracles.

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